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    I just stumbled upon a really interesting and unique magical supply store:


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      I meant to ad Carnivalia! Thanks for reminding me.


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        Here's another site I've found helpful:

        It's not a Pagan site but it does a good job of exploring psychic phenomena. Lots of "how to" info worth checking out. It could be helpful to those who include magick as part of their spiritual path.

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          Some of these I have seen, and was quite impressed. Others....ehhhh.
          Just MHO...


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            I really enjoy a few Wiccan sites:



            I'd plug my own site, but it's still not fleshed out enough to release....
            - Inky.


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              Originally posted by inkywitch View Post

              This one is decent.

              On another note is good for finding events, local resources, and for news stories that you might not hear about otherwise...but take the member articules with an institutional-sized can of mortons...they don't edit or do any checking for content or verafiability of anyhting. I know of at least one article that was completely and ridiculously fabricated just to see if it would get posted.

              It did.

              sme of my other favorite websites include

              hands-on Hellenism-
              Sannion's Sanctuary:
              Memories of Pain and Light

              Simple acts of devotion will never suffice.
              You, I cannot worship by halves.

              Hellenic Web Forum-


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                I like

                The opposite of the religious fanatic is not the fanatical atheist but the gentle cynic who cares not whether there is a god or not. - Eric Hoffer

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                  As an Hellenic Recon, I'm biased toward:

                  Has a lot of info, including rituals and ideas and stuff to work with. The links to the Demoi (plural of Demos) are also helpful. I suggest the DC Demos, as it has a couple of lists on pronunciation. Hellenion also has a clergy program, but you have to be a member for a certain amount of time first and it can be trying to get much info on how to apply.

                  Again, lots of info, rituals, and networking stuff.

                  S.K./Oinokhoe has a lot of info, and she also makes and sells modern Attic calendars.

                  Theoi Project:
                  HUGE library of ancient sources on mythos, hymns, and other writings -- all in public-domain English translations.

                  Sacred Texts Archive:
                  Similar to above.

                  Perseus Project:
                  similar to above, only MUCH nerdier and more academically-minded. Has Greek text available for a lot of stuff. Not "lite" reading in the slightest.

                  HONOURABLE MENTIONS:

                  Wendy Rule's official site:
                  Probably the best Pagan solo artist. According to her site, she seems to ID as Wiccan, but her songs display an immense love for the ancient Hellenic deities, so she has a sizeable HR following, from what I can tell.

                  The following LJ communities: pimp_my_altar, craftypagans, urbanpagans

                  LOCAL FAVES:

         (or maybe it's .net? haven't been there in a while....)


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                    Two of my favorite sites are and Wiccaforums is a great forum site to join and there is a lot of information to find.

                    Dedicated to Anubis, Egyptian God of the Dead and Judgment.



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                      One of my favorite forum sites

                      Until I found this forum site, the only other site that had active members is

                      Magicka School has my favorite layout of any forum site I had seen and everyone there is so helpful and you can choose a couple of free classes to take (Wicca Revealed, and a Tarot course), I'm currently enrolled in both and I have a mentor, but she was nice and let me get put on hold since I don't have the time or energy to dedicate to my Wicca studies while I'm looking more into Green Witchcraft and am raising my daughter by myself while my hubby is overseas.

                      If you're on that site, please add me! My username is DYNKZ.

                      )O( BB


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                        Originally posted by inkywitch View Post
                        I really enjoy a few Wiccan sites:
                        :boing: One of my favorites
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                        "Remember your spirituality" - Ganesha to a friend in a dream, 2008


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                          this is a good one too:


                          So tie me to a post and block my ears
                          I can see widows and orphans through my tears
                          I know my call despite my faults
                          And despite my growing fears

                          But I will hold on hope
                          And I won't let you choke
                          On the noose around your neck

                          And I'll find strength in pain
                          And I will change my ways
                          I'll know my name as it's called again
                          ~ Mumford and Sons (The Cave)

                          "I have been in Sorrow's kitchen and licked out all the pots." ~ Susan Straight


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                            They are not really pagan sites, they have a mix of all paths, but my two favorite sites are:
                            Empath Zone
                            Empath Chat