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  • ridiculous spell site

    OK, so all of us have seen spells sites that promise all kinds of things. However, I just found one that takes the cake. This one offers immortality, seriously.

    I just thought that I'd share because i couldn't believe this.

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    Wow....that's pretty cheap for immortality and eternal youth.


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      My greatest power is my mind.

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        Egads... Thats not even funny, that can only exist because some person with 350 dollars believes stuff from a site that looks like that works....
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          Ack.... I'm totally disgusted!


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            Notice that the Immortaility spell does NOT cover death by unnatural causes.
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              Originally posted by aranarose View Post
              Notice that the Immortaility spell does NOT cover death by unnatural causes.
              I'm sure she has an extra spell you can tack on for 50$ or so.


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                Thank you bbnflpn for my wonderful banner! *hugs*


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                  Hide your children! The Gypsies are coming...

                  ...except now they're online!!

                  *Note: Apologies to any and all Rom.
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                    wow, deluxe lust isn't bad at all :spinnysmi

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                      LOL Oh my, thank you for that laugh.
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                        Oh Oh Oh I want the "Princess Package"
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                          Okay, I was laughing until... I saw this one:

                          More Tenderness

                          stnd: Anti-Abuse & Protection (2 works)
                          Someone may spend this money and stay in a really bad relationship and may end up really getting hurt or even killed, or having their children hurt or killed, because they believe in the magic, instead of getting themselves out of the situation and staying alive.
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                            Thank you, Catiana, for the wonderful turtle montage! :D


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                              man I wish things like that many I would buy if...only if...*Sigh* oh well still kinda funny
                              Well Shit. I didn't do it!