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Please read before posting in Paths.

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  • Please read before posting in Paths.

    Apparently there has been some confusion of late as to what the Paths forum is about. For that reason I'm posting this little message. For reference, please see this thread:

    In the above thread, mol says:

    These threads are not for debate. We have a theology forum. These threads are to provide information and share information. I suggest if you are questioning another Path's principles then you do it in a more proper environment, such as the theology forum. We will not tolerate any abuse of any religion nor will we let this forum turn into a flame fest of people disagreeing with principles.
    And that just about sums it up. Paths is to be a place where we share information about our Paths in celebration of our path. When we post in Paths, we represent our own Path as well as ourselves to the rest of the world. It's perfectly okay to ask a question about a Path that is not your own in this forum. However, if your question is one intended to spur a debate then it should be posted in the Theology and Philosophy forum.

    For example, say you want to ask Dianic Wiccans this question:

    Are Dianic Wiccans unbalanced in their practice?

    First of all note that you are asking the question of the Dianic Wiccans of the board and not the board in general, if you do in fact post in Paths. If you post this question in Paths, you don't post to argue with whatever answers you receive. You post to receive information from the people the question is about. If you want to in fact debate whether or not Dianics are unbalanced in their practice with the members of the board in general, then you should post the question in the Theology and Philosophy forum:

    Baiting will not be tolerated in Paths, whether veiled or not. When you come to Paths, you come to learn and to share. It's a subtle line, I know. If you have any questions about Paths or where to post, please feel free to ask a staff member

    "The Triple Goddess as Maiden, Mother and Crone, is a relatively new concept which was made popular during the 20th century. Hekate is today most often equated to the Crone aspect of this triplicate archetypal image, but this idea of Hekate as Crone Goddess is one which would have been completely alien to the people of ancient Greece. The only possible explanation for the continued association today is that somehow the darker, scarier aspects of Hekate has been equated to wisdom in old age, which is, when you think about it rather ludicrous." -- Sorita D'Este. Read more in the book: Hekate: Keys to the Crossroads.

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    Forum description revised for those who were confused.

    Edited to add: I am sorry for the confusion.
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