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Frisians and Water Witches

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  • Frisians and Water Witches

    My husband is Dutch/Canadian and we thought it might be fun to research into the pagan roots for his heritage. I did a search of the forums and i wasn't able to find anything that matched. What we did find on the net was Frisians, which seems to be Dutch Heathenism and that they were descended from the Water Witches which is a Traditional Witchcraft practice. We have also had a look at the translated version of the Sacred Text of the Frisians the Oera Linda Book.I was curious if there was any others on the forum who practiced either of these, or could point in the direction of some more information?



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    Just a comment... I understand the Oer Linda Book is considered by scholars to be a hoax.

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      Frisian is an island on the coast of Holland. I beleive a differant tribe than the mainlanders. I'm not sure which group they belong to. The Celts or Aryian's. My cousins Sir name is Wolfram. He knows nothing of his family history. But in a magazine a few years ago there was a Dutchman named Wolfram & he said the name was used by Shamans.


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        Please, may I correct you, Omar:
        The Frisian islands are situated at the west-coast of Germany,("West\Nordfriesische Inseln"),and the coastal area between Hamburg and the dutch border (Ostfriesland). People there still call themselves for Frisians. Some elder people still talk Frisian. The tribe of Frisians inhabited the lands from the Rhine-delta over todays Netherland up to Ostfriesland and Bremen.
        Wolfram is a German name, related to Wolfgang and means "the running wolf".
        Best wishes, Ant┘ła, born German
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