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Creating A Mythology Reboot (For Any Pantheon).

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    If you want deities that reflect what you believe to be right/wrong, why not create your own? I never understood the idea of bastardizing mythos to make them "suite" a person better. I read many translations of my myths, see what I feel the meaning is, and then look to see what I can learn from it. I don't read it and go "oh, well, I wish Inanna had decided to poop rainbows instead of killing those people, so I'm gonna change it so I like it."

    If you don't like the myths, create your own stories with your own deities (considering your view on divine, I feel this is a perfectly valid option). You don't need to "fix" historical myths.
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      Originally posted by SpukiKat75 View Post
      I come from the mindset that Deity & more of a nebulous thing and that various deities, pantheons & such are really metaphors & symbols that reflect the society that creates them. Deity makes Human in It's Image & Human makes Deity in it's own Image. I'm a Pantheist & a non-literalist. (...). Many are Polytheists & literally see the Deities are real literal beings living "out there".
      I've studied alot of cultures from around the world for quite some time, and it seems that nearly all of them intend the divinities to be actual divinities, and not simple metaphors and symbols. In my own view, these literal deities are all around us, as the divine "spirits" of what they embody.

      The word for god acrossed semitic cultures, for instance, is connected to the word "to praise". There is alot one might want to praise the Sun for, as well as the Goddess of Grain for, if you're living in an ancient culture depending on your crops. Hence why they'd praise those particular gods. It had nothing to do with what they symbolized.

      [/quote] I believe in the concept of "All Gods are One God & all Goddesses are One Goddess & together, They are One". [/quote]
      In the sense that all have evolved from one, I've got many reasons to suspect that there might be truth this. But outside that, not so much so. As cultures evolve, they have more myths and deities, and in some cases less. Furthermore, perhaps we just have more than one Sun God (for instance), because there actually is more then one.

      I disagree with this idea. They are distinct, individual, beings. Whether real or not (I believe they are real), one has to admit, they weren't meant to be seen as one. Especially not deities as diverse and different as the Islamic Allah and say... the Babylonian Ishtar.

      I believe that all pantheons share a deity or two with another, as well as other commonalities, but they're definitely not all the same.

      I can even accept the Pantheons as they are and see them as levels of Pantheons. Everything being emanations. The Higher Pantheon that is Universal & not culture-specific & the many Pantheons, Greco-Roman, Celtic, Canaanite, Yoruba, Aztec, etc. as a lower emanation (reflecting both the higher & baser aspects of humanity).
      I see this way of viewing older pantheons as condescending and shallow, despite it not being your intent.

      Every ancient society had its own views of the world, this in turn, shaped their views of their deities. The myths themselves aren't literal history, they range from allegory to embellished history. This doesn't mean that the deities are any less real. Do I really believe that Ishtar literally went with kings to the battlefield, and killed the enemy soldiers? In the sense that she is war... yes. In the sense that she is an anthropomorphic being in flesh and bones doing so? No.
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