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  • What kind of Pagan are YOU?

    I'm curious about Pagan Sectarianism, and I'd like to poll this community to see where people stand. It seems to me that the majority of pagans I meet either consider themselves Wiccan or just generally Pagan (non-sectarian). However, there's a ton of other pagan varieties, and I know there are druids and norse pagans and all sorts of other people here.

    So fill out the poll above and let me know which sect fits you the best. (I apologize in advance - I know I can't have remembered every sect possible, hence "Other".) Then tell me in this thread what led you to that particular sect, and why it fits your beliefs better than any other.

    I'm interested to discover what beliefs we as pagans have in common, and where we differ. For instance, I've seen posts on this board that say that not all pagans are nature-based, and that not all pagans believe in the universality of deity. So what do you believe? The floor is open!

    (Mods, I would've placed this thread under the General Pagan Talk section, but I couldn't find a subsection that seemed to fit.)
    General Pagan (non-sectarian)
    Witch (not Wiccan, just Witch)
    Wiccan (Alexandrian, Gardnerian, Eclectic, etc.)
    Ceremonial Magician
    Asatru (Norse Pagan)
    Druid/Celtic Pagan
    Strega (Italian Pagan)
    Egyptian Pagan
    Shaman (Native American or otherwise)
    Eastern Pagan (Hindu, Buddhist, Shintoist, etc.)
    Nature-loving tree-hugger
    Other (please elaborate)
    Ben Trismegistus
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    Unlike most Satanists, I do consider myself a Pagan. I chose other, because I didnt know exactly where I fell in your options.


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      I chose other because I could fit into more then one though I felt "general pagan" didn't cover it. I guess to me "general pagan" refers to someone who doesn't specifically work with certain paths or systems, or who works with many different ones in a mish-mash type of way, or who couldn't specifically point out which paths and systems they draw from.

      I fall under ceremonial magician, wiccan, and egyptian pagan very specifically. "Thelemic Egyptian Wiccan" perhaps would've covered it.

      Excellent poll, Ben, and welcome to our forum.


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        Originally posted by Lucifuge

        Unlike most Satanists, I do consider myself a Pagan. I chose other, because I didnt know exactly where I fell in your options.
        Oops - sorry buddy! Told you I'd forget something!

        Thought I'd chime in and answer my own question. I'm middle-of-the-road Wiccan, modified Gardnerianism. My coven grew out of the Minoan Brotherhood/Sisterhood, one of the oldest pagan organizations in New York City.

        I believe in a god & goddess, as the masculine and feminine aspects of an all-pervasive universal force, the archetypes of which have been worshipped by various cultures as numerous pantheons. Therefore, although I do believe that Hermes, Isis, Thor, Coyote, Quan Yin, Shiva, and Anansi are all (in a way) separate entities, I also believe that they are all equal parts of a single whole.

        Other than that, the trappings are all middle-of-the-road Wiccan, the sort of thing you read in Cunningham or Curott.

        Your beliefs may vary.

        Ben Trismegistus
        Super-Cool Retired Admin Type

        R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to me. Click here.

        Check out my former rock band, Wayward Sun!


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          I'm an other because, well, I've been Pagan so long, I pick and choose among a lot of sects as it suits me........Hey, it works for me! I know a little bit about a lot of sects......A lot about a little bit of sects..........and am always looking to learn more......

          Thank You, CloakofStars9 and WynnJera for the beautiful banners!

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            Ditto what Old Witch said!
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              Eclectic wiccan.
              Whatever suits.


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                I'm a Buddhist Pagan, so obviously I chose the Eastern Pagan option. However, I'm also a "tree-hugging Nature-lover," so I'd fit in that category, too. But that's just my personality. :D

                (PS. I always used to think that "tree-hugging Nature-lover" was the same as Pagan. I'm so sad that I was wrong. Heh, regardless, that's still my definition of "Pagan" because that's how I define myself: a Daughter of Gaia, the Earth and thus, a Pagan.)
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                what if you could look right through the cracks
                would you find yourself--
                find yourself afraid to see?

                what if all the world's inside of your head
                just creations of your own?
                your devils and your gods all the living and the dead
                and you're really all alone
                you can live in this illusion
                you can choose to believe
                you keep looking but you can't find the woods
                while you're hiding in the trees

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                  I think I fall into the Other category. I am hereditary, taught by my mother and grandmother (while she was still alive). I really never gave any thoughts to categorizing myself as anything other than Witch.


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                    Eclectic Wiccan here. Hey, someday it will be an "old tyme religion". :D
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                      I am a witch... :D


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                        I chose 'other'.

                        Former Wiccan, new to chaos magick and philosophy but thats where I'm at right now. Using witchcraft/chaos styled magic that I make up as I go along. I just went through a major deconstruction of beliefs so I don't have any firm stances on my concept of "god" anymore.


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                          I chose Nature-lovin' tree-hugger.. just because.

                          I'm my own breed of pagan.. with my religion getting under way. :D
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                            I'm a Jewitch! ^.^

                            ...I didn't see any options that resembled "jewitch", so I chose "other". I hope that's okay.
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                              Dianic Wiccan here.