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  • witch..greenwitch to be exact
    Being powerful is like being a lady If you have to tell people you are, you aren't

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    Serenity is not freedom from the is peace during the storm

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    • Dianic Wiccan
      We are the flow, we are the ebb, we are the weavers, we are the web


      • Originally posted by Ben Trismegistus View Post
        So fill out the poll above and let me know which sect fits you the best. (I apologize in advance - I know I can't have remembered every sect possible, hence "Other".) Then tell me in this thread what led you to that particular sect, and why it fits your beliefs better than any other.

        I'm interested to discover what beliefs we as pagans have in common, and where we differ. For instance, I've seen posts on this board that say that not all pagans are nature-based, and that not all pagans believe in the universality of deity. So what do you believe? The floor is open!
        Feri/Faery Witch (non-Wiccan), Vicia line. I call myself simply a country Witch.

        I was initiated into this path when I was 19 by a former teacher and again later by the founders of the tradition. I founded the Vicia line.

        Ours is nature-based, and I believe in the universality of Deity, whom we call the Star Goddess or Father-Mother God. I am also polytheistic.

        This tradition fits me because I believe that ritual should not be performed by rote but have a certain amount of spontaneity, that eroticism or ecstasy is the driving force in the universe (not polarity necessarily), and I relate to the Godhead as female primarily, plus I love folk lore and folk magic. Being somewhat old-fashioned, I also prefer to learn and teach by hands-on instruction, and do not read many of the newer books on the Craft. In Vicia, we highly value oral tradition. Tools may be simple or elaborate, and I prefer handmade tools. Rituals are simple, direct, and stylistically diverse. I believe that magic should be practical, and it may be used in self-defense or to bind someone when necessary (I am not a passivist). I believe in Honor, Loyalty, and Truth. I believe in the ideas of the Copper Decagram (Love-Wisdom-Knowledge-Law-Liberty-Sex-Self-Passion-Pride-Power) and the Tenets (as espounded by Sybil Leek in The Complete Art of Witchcraft). The secrets of the Craft are not shared with outsiders. We feel that initiation is required for full participation in the Craft (at least in our tradition). I prefer to teach one-on-one in an apprenticeship model. We do not actively seek converts. We also do not deride other paths or religions, including Christianity.

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        • I practice a form of shamanism that I have adapted to fit myself.

          Basically many influences involved, Shamanism being the most prevalent[sp?]
          What do you think?

          The spaces between the spaces, in the aether of dreams we see them. Their bodyless forms floating, shifting, turning. The essence of all and none, the divine and the mundane, positive and negative... the list goes on. The lights flashing behind your eyes show recognition, you can see the spaces, pockets filled with nothingness, yet overful with that nothingness. The experiences of our lives, our potential, shown in an instant, and gone in a flash, to be recorded on nothing other than a grain of rice. That seed, flourishing within your mind, bringing all sorts of Ideas, New, yet already done, a vacation, yet you don't need to pack. A life within a life, to do with what you will.


          • I voted as other, being a necromancer I could be called a cerimonialist, but I do other stuff.


            • I put "other"... I am in General Paganism right now until I learn more about Shamanism and Asatru/Vanatru. I won't dive into anything until I research it and know that it is right for me.


              • Oooh! I've undergone a transformation and can now offer a new description of myself (oooh! aaaah!): Pagan Pantheist.
                If you're lucky you'll find something that reflects you,
                helps you feel your life protects you,
                cradles you and connects you to everything.
                Dar Williams, "The Hudson"


                • i really dont know i just do little spells here and there and go about my day *shrugs* i'm still learning since i just started about a year ago
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                  • What kind of Pagan are YOU?


                    Sometimes I think "right-to-lifers" only value life if it agrees with them. A fetus can't talk, therefore... it can't offend you with its belief system or looks. It can't tell you it will never go to your church, believe in your god, or exist in your socio-economic class.

                    A potential child is adorable until it actually exists. Then it's just another object of your scorn. Another despicable product of a broken home, unwed mother, or family that's so large it can't take care of itself.

                    "I consider myself a Kentuckian first, and an American second. My ethnic background, religion, and politics are secondary to the fact that I am a Louisvillian and a Kentuckian. Kentucky is my country, and it shall always be my home, just as my friends will ever remain my extended family.To nothing else in my life will I ever be so resolutely and steadfastly committed." …. Louisvillian


                    • I'm a little of a lot of things. Mostly I'm a witch, a practical witch, meaning not much actual worship. Sometimes I remember to do my devotions, but it's mostly occasional spells and I do holidays when I get the chance. I call myself Celti-Pictish because the old Celtic faith (sans sacrificing, though I do see the importance of it. Unfortunately, the closest thing I have to livestock is my cat. And that's just not gonna happen!) speaks to me most, and the Pictish faith is more practical and less ceremonial. I do occasionally pray, mostly to Rhiannon, who spoke to me in a meditation, and has spoken to me at one other time. At other times, I try to do things in a "Pagan" way, stirring food deosil, cleaning with purification (and not pouting) in mind, etc etc. I think that's about it, really.
                      "It's like a dream to try to remember but it's gone
                      Then you try to scream but it only comes out as a yawn
                      When you try to see the world beyond your front door"

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                      • I am pround to say that I am a tree-hugger!
                        - Well, not really. But I love the thought
                        I guess I am just a human these days, discovering her ways and where the path leads her, We'll see, I've never liked labels too much (so, why did I post here..). I am learning to know nature itself. So, I do not know if it makes me a shaman, witch, chaos-magican or buddhist...
                        ...A building is a symbol, as is the act of destroying it.
                        Symbols are given power by people. A symbol, in and of itself is powerless,
                        but with enough people behind it, blowing up a building
                        can change the world.

                        -Are you like a
                        crazy person?
                        - I am quite sure they will say so.

                        - V for Vendetta

                        But of Olَrin that tale does not speak;
                        for though he loved the Elves, he walked
                        among them unseen, or in form as one of them,
                        and they did not know whence came the fair visions
                        or the promptings of wisdom that he put into their hearts.

                        - Tolkien

                        Believe me, nothing is trivial...


                        • Originally posted by Coinin View Post
                          I am pround to say that I am a tree-hugger!
                          - Well, not really. But I love the thought
                          I invite you to hug as many trees as you can, as often as you can. It works wonders for the aimless spirit.
                          If you're lucky you'll find something that reflects you,
                          helps you feel your life protects you,
                          cradles you and connects you to everything.
                          Dar Williams, "The Hudson"


                          • I am other. Of course I'm not entirely what other means at this point. It's sort of an eclectic blend of Hoodoo (not Voodoo, though I've studied it), Kitchen/Hedge Witchcraft, and personal beliefs
                            There are no surprises in life, just us closing our eyes to reality. - Me.
                            Quantum frying pans fit anywhere. - Me.

                            I read Tarot cards and Oracle cards and Runes and Pendulums and little colored gems that represent the elements. And I believe that they tell the truth. I believe that faeries are real, and that they talk to me. I also know that I'm at least 50% insane. And I'm okay with that. I won't judge you. But you can judge me all you want. I'll just tell you to stuff it where the sun don't shine. And I'll smile while I'm saying it, and offer you homemade fudge and soft pretzels.


                            • I have to agree with a lot of whats already been said. Defining oneself as something specific seems to put boundaries on what is, at its heart, a purely emotional venture. Having said that I find that I would probably fall into the general pagan catagory, but my personal beliefs are pretty diverse making it difficult to call myself anything, even something so general as "pagan."
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                              • I am a wildly eclectic female witch who will try any type of magick once...if it works, I just may use it again. If it doesn't, I'll find something that does.

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