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  • Thats what I am trying to find out. So many choices, so much to learn. I may end up learning that there is no "one" path that fits all my beliefs and choose an interesting mix.

    My appreciation to Warrior Zhanna for the enchanting banner!


    • I'd tell ya, but then i'd hafta wipe your memory clean right after....and that can be SOOOOOOO time-consuming....:goodgrief :cool:
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      • I generally consider myself eclectic wiccan but I am not sure now that that's the right "label." I Believe in the God and Goddess but pull from the pantheons based on my needs. I am drawn to Hindu Gods and Goddesses the most but find Budda and Quan Yin hanging out in my dreams on a regular basis. I even practice some shamanistic ways due to my husbands belief system. So I don't really know how to classify myself other than just "pagan."

        Anyone have any comments or suggestions for me? Feel free to let me know.

        Bound by reason yet from here to there I travel alone waiting to see, smell, feel, taste, hear that which will egnite my soul into an existance that means something.
        My hope is that when my time comes to leave this life that I have positively enhanced more lives with my existance than blemished.


        • Elemental/Celtic Pagan. My Witchcraft is Hoodoo.
          I have studied African Vodun Haition Vodun & New Orleans Voodoo.


          • Egyptian Pagan. Reconstructionist and kitchen witch.


            • I guess I would call myself a Wiccan although I have debated on whether to just call myself a plain old witch or pagan.
              "It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are tweny gods or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg"- Thomas Jefferson


              • I chose Asatru/Norse Paganism. Basically I practice Anglo-Saxon heathenry (ASH) but have no problem with borrowing from other Germanic traditions. There are some Hindu/eastern ideas I incorporate into be own beliefs as well. So I couldn't be considered a strict reconstructionist.


                • I already discussed what kind of pagan I am earlier in this thread, but still if I had to label my path it would be: a polytheist Shamanistic ecclectic pagan. I believe in many gods and goddesses. I feel a very strong connection to the Egyptian God Set. My favorite pantheons being Celtic, Egyptian and Norse. Although I have a connection to other deities besides the ones from those pantheons.

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                  • Well this is a hard question, I have been trying to answer for a couple of weeks. So in answering this poll, I hope to gain some clarity for myself as well.

                    Choosing from the options, I would say I am a soft Pagan, learning Druidry and Celtic teachings (hoping to build an Irish Celtic Druid Pagan path), Green Witch, so it goes without saying I am also a nature loving-tree hugger. As a lasp Muslimah, if you will. I do still keep some of the learnings from that path as well.

                    Um, I guess its a start for me to clarity in understanding myself.



                    • It's hard for me to put a label on what I am - when asked, I say "pagan," and when pressed, I say "solitary pagan," but that seems a tad simplistic.

                      I incorporate elements of the traditions of my Caddo ancestors into my practice. They honored Father Sun and Mother Earth, which explains to me at least in part the reason that for years, I've been drawn to and collecting images of a radiant sun and hanging them on any available vertical surface in and outside my home. It also helps to explain why I get an almost obsessive need to get outside in my garden on a daily basis (I content myself with my houseplants in the winter and one of my co-workers calls my office at work a jungle.)

                      The bottom line for me is that deity has both a feminine and masculine face, and I refer to it as the Great Spirit. I believe that the creation looks like the creator and so at various times, I can easily relate the aspects of many deities to situations and my moods. I use statuary of various deities (from many pantheons) as tools for meditation, either for aspects I find I need to work on or things I have recognized that I should celebrate.

                      The posts in this thread are very interesting reading for me.
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                      • What kind of Pagan are YOU?

                        I am wildly eclectic with a taste for the Black Arts and a strong leaning towards Hoodoo. At the same time I revere the Goddess and her consort and abide by whatever rules I think are pertinent to my well being and that of my family.

                        And remember...rules are meant to be broken.
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                        • Asatru
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                          • I follow a generally Wiccan path... we have some family tradition which is Appalachian Folk tradition.... but the two seem to fit.... worship to practice....

                            we'ld lost a lot of the ritual that Wiccan rituals seemed to fill well, but we have a strong kitchen/green tradition of practice.

                            lol I guess its "Long Reconstructionist" (Long being my Welsh ancestor who brought most of our folk wisdom to America.)

                            and i'm a pretty rabid tree hugger.

                            Mitakuye Oyasin


                            • Wiccan.,although I do like druidry and I want to learn more. But as for now, Wiccan.


                              • I would say that I am Pagan. I am researching other forms of paganism, but sticking to what i feel is right for me. I follow my own beliefs and let my spirituality guide me.
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