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  • I guess I'm an Eastern pagan, since I'm a Yezidic polymonohenopantheist. (Try saying that when you're drunk!)


    • I voted General Pagan, though I have a general bent towards Hellenismo, I actually don't know about enough it to truly call it my path, that and the fact that I'm just a seeker at this phase. I've actually called myself Wiccan, and for a short while Asatru, only to find out that they were not the paths for me.
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      • This was a hard one for me, but I chose nature loving tree hugger, doesn't quite describe me, but general pagan doesn't either. I am in an inbetween stage while I am searching for the right path for me.


        • non sectarian with Wiccan values, a family tradition, a poet, a passionate practitioner of natural history, healing, animal work, and herbalism...

          so at the momment that means I'm a hedgewitch
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          • I guess I'm just a boring General Pagan, student of the natural world, the unnatural world, and the accelerating universe
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            • I'm another one of the non-sectarian pagans, but I'm still seeking for the right path... Druidry has appealed to me for quite some time now and I really do want to look into that sooner or later... but I can basically find something I like in almost any "section" of paganism and I think I need to search more before I can be sure. I'm non-sectarian until decided otherwise, then.
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              • Little help in this would be nice. I'd say that spiritually I'm a scholar, I study gather and research things about magic and meditate on them.

                I have two gods at the moment but they chose me. Mnemosyne and Hermaphroditos. Both are Greek in origin.

                I have strong skills in Empathy, Clarivoyance and other Divinatory arts.

                ....I'd like to know where I belong. It would help in my studies to be sure.
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                • Other, I'm a Christian witch/Christopagan that draws inspiration from Wicca, general witchcraft (celtic and Far Eastern inspired ideals), Catholicism, and generalized/simplified Protestantism.


                  • I picked other because I pick and choose which works for me. Right now I'm a Draconic Wiccan but there is no difference other than calling upon dragons to assit you in magick and such.
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                    • I'm a hellenic polytheist. (thats greek btw).

                      So I voted 'other'.
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                      • Think I originally voted '"Witch" not Wiccan, now I'm leaning towards Wicca more and more.


                        • I´m a tree-hugging-nature-lover in the scense that my beliefs are mostly animist... I do however bring in aspects of old Norse and old Finnish folk religion...
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                          • Hi, I picked other. I'm a Babylonian Polytheist and Near Eastern Astrologist. My beliefs are heavily astral so that I worship the 7 traditional planets and stars of the zodiac as iconic symbols of various deities.


                            • Wow, 2003 and first now I did the poll. LOL
                              I am a happy shake and bake mix of me, myself and I beliefs pulled out of nowhere from nothing!!


                              • a bit of this, a bit of that pagan