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    Hello, Everyone,

    I have a question about Roman statuary. What if you only have Greek statuary? Can you use Greek statues and call them by their Roman names or do you have to have Roman statuary? Sorry if I'm confusing people.

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    If it were me, I wouldn't hesitate to just do with what I can. I've been looking for matching Greek statuettes all day, but couldn't find any, so I may use Roman instead.

    However, if it'd bother you in the middle of a ritual, I'd say you shouldn't. I tend to think that it's best that the things on my altar aren't bugging me mid-ritual, it breaks my concentration. Then again, I'm very poor in ritual, so I need all the concentration I can muster up XD

    Sorry I'm of no real help :P


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      I think it would depend upon how the god / goddess takes it. For instance Artemis has told me in no uncertain terms that Diana is not her and I am not to use statuary of Diana to represent her. Though to be truthful she is also that way when it comes to coins or even referencing her at Ephesos/Ephesus.

      Diana on the other hand has not spoken to me in regards to statuary nor do I call upon her so I couldn't say how she would view it. Yet when it comes to coins Diana is pretty direct in that a coin is her and not Artemis.

      So in the end it is up to you and to the gods / goddesses you would use to represent them. I do think though that ones god / goddess might allow or encourage one practioner to do something one way and discourage another from doing the same thing.


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        Thanks. I know that people are picky about things like statuary.


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          the ancient romans had copies of greek statues in their temples, and the prietesses of some cults in Rome had to be brought from Greece.

          Therefore I don't see why Greek satatues would'nt be fit for Roman cult. (unless you wish to be "more accurate" than the Romans themseleves ! :hahugh: )


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            The Romans themselves did it. I have a different issue in that Juno rejects almost all Hera statues. Of course, there so few Juno statues in general. I did find one Hera that Juno actually approved of. I'll be getting it for Her once I'm less transient.
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