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  • Lbrh

    Okay, so tonight I tried the LBRH and I just felt really silly through the whole thing. I found a copy of the ritual online and used it. Maybe I need a more indepth guide. The one I found didn't have a whole lot of visualations so it just felt... silly. (Ya know, first time, not knowing what I was doing...)Here is the ritual I found. Any suggestions at all would be lovely.

    'We shall not cease from exploration
    And the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time.'
    -T.S. Eliot

    "Oh, no no no, it was too cold always
    (Still the dead one lay moaning)
    I was much too far out all my life
    And not waving but drowning."
    -Stevie Smith

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    It might be an idea to study the meaning of the ritual further before you go into it. Otherwise you might just feel like you're doing Madonna's Vogue, or about to break out into YMCA...

    Here's some notes that might help (I hope they do, anyway):

    Like the LBRP, the LBRH is comprised of different sections:

    1. The Analysis of the Keyword
    2. The Formulation of the Elemental Hexagrams
    3. Repetition of the Analysis of the Keyword

    The Analysis
    – this section involves the drawing down of divine energy – light, specifically – into the self. It effectively seals the individual (or people present) off from negative influences on the astral or cosmic levels, and makes one prepared to perform Higher Magicks. Because of the powerful energies involved in this part of the ritual, you can substitute it for the Qabalistic Cross for a while, until you feel that you’re getting more confident.

    INRI – Tradition states that INRI was written on the cross that Jesus was crucified on, meaning “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”. Hermetic and Rosicrucian tradition states that it is actually a key secret to their teachings, standing for the Latin phrase “Igne Natura Renovatur Integra”, translating as “By fire, nature is perfectly renewed”. This is a fitting statement for cleansing the space and invoking such solar energies that are involved.

    Furthermore, there is an additional layer of meaning:

    I is equated with the Hebrew letter Yod, which is itself Qabalistically related to the Sign of the Zodiac, Virgo; Virgo relates to Isis as the virgin. Isis is the wife of Osiris and “the breath of life” who brought Osiris back to life after he was killed by Set. Isis is thus the Mighty Mother, representative of birth. Elementally, this letter represents water.

    N is equated with the Hebrew letter Nun, which is itself Qabalistically related to the Zodiacal Sign of Scorpio. Scorpio relates to Apophis-Typhon, the Greek version of Set. Set killed Osiris and dismembered his body so that he could not be brought back to life; Isis collected all the pieces of her husband except for his penis. She fashioned him a false one and brought him back to life with the magical aid of Thoth, just long enough for her to join with him and conceive their child, Horus. Apophis is therefore representative of death. Elementally, N represents Fire.

    R is equated with the Hebrew letter Resh, which is itself Qabalistically related to the Sun; The Sun relates to Osiris, husband of Isis and God of Vegetation, whose job it was to ensure the flooding of the Nile each year so that fertile deposits ensured rich crops over the flood plain. Having been brought back to life by Isis after being murdered by Set, Osiris represents resurrection, and so thus has Messianic connotations as well. Elementally, R represents the Air.

    I as the final letter represents Virgo again, but this time the element of Earth.

    Together they therefore represent the cycle of birth (or creation), death (or destruction) and resurrection. Within the Key Word, INRI, is contained the words of power IAO (Isis, Apophis and Osiris) and LVX (lux, or light, which is numerically identical with IAO and therefore they have the same gematrical meaning).

    IAO – Is contained within the notariqon of INRI. To the Gnostics, IAO is the supreme name of God. It is also the alchemical formula of Isis, Apophis and Osiris; birth, death and resurrection (hence the relation to INRI), which holds the key to magical power and immortality for the Adept. IAO is therefore a formula of Tiphareth and the supreme power of God.

    LVX – As the signs of Isis, Apophis and Osiris are assumed during the ritual, they can be seen to spell out the letters L, V, X. Crowley describes the signs in his Liber O as being L – Isis Mourning, the Swastika; V – Apophis and Typhon, the Trident; and Osiris Risen – The Pentagram. Note that the sign of Osiris Risen assumed by the High Priestess during the Wiccan Drawing Down the Moon Ritual.

    Lux is the Latin word for Light, and the Roman numerals for 65 – 6=5, the grade of Tiphareth. Thus we can see the elements of the first step of creation “Let there be light”, and also an invocation of the energies of Tiphareth. Here, lux is therefore the Divine Light descending from Tiphareth.

    ARARITA – Ararita is a notariqon of the Hebrew phrase “Achad Rosh, Achdotho Rosh, Ichudo Tenuratzo Achad”, or “One is His beginning, One is His individuality, His permutation is One”. In other words, God is everything, and therefore in me as well, and in this space right now; the space is therefore sacred, and without any profane influence.
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      And here's some more:

      Once the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram has been performed, the magician might want to follow on with the Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram. This is primarily because the LBRP leaves certain loopholes; these are relatively unimportant to most practitioners, and the LBRP will operate more than adequately for most people.

      The LBRP primarily has its effects on the microcosmic level – that of our Self – as symbolised by the use of the pentagrams (the pentagram representing man in the microcosm). In performing the LBRP, we banish those negative thoughts and influences from our self and that space which is immediately around us. Whilst the macrocosmic force of the hexagram is automatically called in to fill the vacuum created, effectively sealing the circle, these macrocosmic forces are by no means necessarily cleansed or purified.

      This can be useful, or indeed imperative, for particular workings where an absolutely clean and protected environment is called for – Hermetically sealed, if you like (sorry…). In particular, it can be necessary on particularly lengthy or powerful astral journeys, or invocations/evocations/meetings with particularly powerful beings where caution is called for. Therefore the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram can be performed in order to cleanse and purify a space on a macrocosmic scale, as well simply the microcosmic. On performing both rituals appropriately, all spiritual or magical forces are banished; within the temple you have created, resides only your Will (in other words, your will in line with the Divine Will).

      The Hexagram ritual is a bit more complicated in comparison with the LBRP, and also calls upon different forces. It is usually reserved for initiates of the Portal Grade or above, but now that Ceremonial magic is becoming much more widely available, it is more frequently being published for “general consumption”.

      The ritual is designed to either banish or invoke the solar powers as they relate to the Elements – much in the same way as the LBRP does with the Elements. Unlike the LBRP however, alternative planetary forces can be used instead of the solar powers as astrologically appropriate. To begin with, familiarise yourself with the generic ritual as outlined below, which deals specifically with solar forces.

      The ritual can be said to be solar because the hexagram itself relates to the Sun, and thus on the Tree of Life, the Sephirah of Tiphareth. More than that, the shape of the hexagram fits neatly onto the Tree of Life itself, each corner corresponding with a particular Sephiroth, with Tiphareth bang in the centre of the hexagram itself. These corners can also be related to planetary forces, as shown below:

      Once again, we see the elements of balance and harmony coming into play; not only is the Sun the equalizing power of the solar system (its energies maintaining the paths that each planet travels in its orbit through the gravitational pull etc), in a Qabalistic sense, we can see that Kether represents pure energy; Malkuth represents pure matter; in the same column of the Tree of Life, we can see that Tiphareth represents the balance between energy and matter.

      The Sun is also the source of matter in the solar system, which we could interpret as being the first stage on the Tree of Life where matter is tangible in the Physical sense of formation. The solar energy of Tiphareth (the Sun) condenses in stages which finally result in matter. This process is represented by the Elements themselves; from Fire, to Air, to Water and then finally condensing as solid matter in the form of Earth. Fire represents the Sphere of Geburah; Air represents that of Hod; Water represents Netzach; and Earth represents both Yesod and Malkuth. Therefore, through the Lesser Hexagram ritual, we can access this creative, sustaining, balancing force in all of its various manifestations.

      In manipulating these solar energies through performing the hexagram ritual, we are effectively controlling the quality and quantity of energy that becomes matter, within our own sphere of existence.

      During the ritual, four different hexagrams are used, instead of the one size fits all approach with the Lesser Pentagram ritual. It is precisely because we are aiming to control the quality and quantity of the energy in all its forms, as stated above, that this is so.

      You will find that the Elemental Hexagrams are ordered differently to the Elemental Pentagrams around the circle, because here they are ordered astrologically rather than elementally. In this case, we find that the hexagrams are as follows:

      Fire to the East
      Earth to the South
      Air to the West
      Water to the North

      Respectively, these represent:

      The Hexagram of Fire in the East – represents the Solar energy that we can contact, e.g. the radiant energy of the cosmos. This hexagram is in the form of the Fire Wand.

      The Hexagram of Air in the West – represents the Solar energy we can absorb, as well as be inspired by. It is through the air we breathe that the Fire of the cosmos is accessible. The Hexagram of Air represents the Dagger.

      The Hexagram of Water in the North – represents the Solar emotions we can feel, like the love of all creation that the Sun generates. The Hexagram of Water represents the Cup, or Chalice.

      The Hexagram of Earth in the South – represents the Solar energy that makes concrete matter that we can move and touch, in short, The Philosophers Stone. Love, Energy and Expansion are all united and expressed on Earth via the power of the Sun. This quintessence, when in contact with matter, re-balances any disturbances and creates a condition of dynamic harmony. It is Fire, Air and Water in combined and perfect expression. The Hexagram of Earth represents the Pentacle.

      You will notice that each of the hexagrams are not actual hexagrams per se, except for that of Earth (this relates to the traditional method of drawing the hexagrams, not Crowley's hexagrams). The traditional hexagram is represented by the elemental triangle of fire and the elemental triangle of water, and in this ritual it is representative of the pure planetary forces.

      The hexagrams are arranged differently because they represent the synthesis of the planetary/zodiacal influences of the macrocosm, with the Elemental influences of the microcosm; thus it can seen that like the Sephirah of Tiphareth we are working in, the qualities of both energy and matter; the macrocosm in the microcosm, rather than the macrocosm alone.

      The hexagrams are all drawn from the sign of Saturn in the Fire triangle, and the Moon in the Water triangle. These hexagrams are therefore generally referred to as the Hexagrams of Saturn (Binah).

      To invoke or banish different planetary elements, the starting point for each hexagram can be changed to provide a different quality to the ritual. The Hexagrams of Saturn are generally used as the "generic" version of the ritual, though.

      In traditional practice, all the hexagrams are drawn in gold light. Some practitioners advocate using the elemental colours for the triangles; red for the first (fire) triangle, and blue for the second (water) triangle.


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        I'd also add that personally, I would vibrate all the words of power, whereas in the ritual you've linked to, he only starts vibrating from step 9. I wouldn't say it's absolutely essential...but I think it adds more oomphh to the whole shebang. It might be an idea to experiment. At the very least, vibrating all the words means you spend a bit longer going through the whole thing.


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          Originally posted by Seren_
          It might be an idea to study the meaning of the ritual further before you go into it. Otherwise you might just feel like you're doing Madonna's Vogue, or about to break out into YMCA...
          Thank you Seren. I'll have to read these indepth when I get home. But it did feel like the YMCA. A little bootie wiggling with "L - V - X - Luxs!" and it can be the next ceremonial dance craze. Hahaha. I crack myself up. My mind must be mush. I should leave while I have something left.

          'We shall not cease from exploration
          And the end of all our exploring
          Will be to arrive where we started
          And know the place for the first time.'
          -T.S. Eliot

          "Oh, no no no, it was too cold always
          (Still the dead one lay moaning)
          I was much too far out all my life
          And not waving but drowning."
          -Stevie Smith


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            Also of note, the hexagrams can be used to call the Enochian seniors so that a hexagram ritual of Luna (the moon) would call the senior of Luna from each watchtower.
            yes there is a hexagram ritual for each planet.
            now, when I do a ritual of the hexagram I attribute the elements astrologically like so:

            East: Fire
            South: Earth
            West: Air
            North: Water

            Many sources have use the airts, the elelmental attribution most are used to when casting the circle.
            This is because the hexagram ritual is often used to call elelmental forces to consecrate talismans though a septagram ritual is better for this.
            If you look at the Golden Dawn material they do use the attribution i have given in the vault of the adepti where once is exposed to the full concourse of planetary forces.
            It is similar to scrying a square of the Enochian tablet to experience the forces thereof.

            The astrological sequence is used when working on a planetary sphere. The hexagram ritual evokes a sphere of operation and the astrological sequence is a statement of where you are.
            So you are evoking the sphere of that plane... calling it to you instead of techniques where you go to it but the end effect is the same... there you are.
            That's why you are still going clockwise instead of riding a banishing current to some other place.

            Now because you are evoking a sphere here and the airts are used for calling things here, the elemental sequals generally attributed is considered acceptable. however it really isnt the same.
            Your statement of where you are in relation to those forces is very different. The landscape is different and they emerge taking on new form instead of the image they were on the macrosmic/inner plane. as you have changed their formula of operation. Also as it is a solar working , especially the greater rite, you really want fire/leo in the East as your initiating force, and the inner waters as your final transition.
            The airts put the planetary forces within a base-elemental context on this side of paroketh. The planetary forces as they emerge and are re-constituted in Netzach, within the elemental prima materia.
            The astrological sequence puts the planetary forces in their native context on the other side of the veil. unfortunately this is something that just doesn't get talked about.
            Such as that the elements of the pentagram are sub-lunar with the spirit point attributed above to Tiphereth. sub-lunar in reading the sephira above Malkuth as planetary, starting with Yesod.
            if Yesod, Hod and Netzach are read as elemental (sub lunar) then the veil of Paroketh is right below Tiphereth. If they are read as planetary the veil of Paroketh is right below Yesod.
            Malkuth to Tiphereth is Microcosmic.
            Malkuth to Kether is Macrocosmic.
            for the overlap then you have two sets of correspondences on the tree.
            Tiphereth is just Tiphereth because it is the monad or one thing this side of the abyss... that contentedness which both planetary and elemental forces resolve into.
            Therefore, the top part of the pentagram is the center of hexagram.
            If the pentagram is understood to represent an upright pentagram it is the top point of the pentagram.
            If inverted that point is the bottom point of the hexagram.
            The pentagram employs both active and passive spirit points, mediated by the center.
            If you make a crossroads in a hexagram, top-right to bottom left and bottom-right to top-left you will find two pentagrams encoded though warped.
            Contemplation of this will help you understand the nature of the hexagram.

            Going back to the Supreme ritual of the Pentagram, take the passive spirit pentagrams and invert them
            They are banishing to passive spirit while the active pents are invoking from active spirit.
            it is a circuit, or flow from Malkuth to Tipereth and back.

            The hexagram ritual is great for working on the planetary spheres but sadly is often used merely to banish and invoke planetary forces.
            Ask yourself, are you bringing the solar force down or are you saying that you are operating from the point of Adeptus Minor?
            -and in all honesty while transitioning to the Hex you probably should used the sequence of the elements given in the pentagram ritual... but eventually, try it astrologically.

            Now the Greater Hexagram ritual generally given as one hexagram and it isn't intended to be elemental so it looks like an Earth hexagram which also a spirit hexagram as it is is both solar and of the cube.
            You aren't associating it to earth here, you are looking at it as purely planetary and used to commune with a planetary power (and if you know how the sub-planetary powers of the planet). This is often used for planetary consecrations where you aren't building a formal ritual space and also for invocations of planetary powers. The points to either side can be used to call elemental forces as they are within the zodiac. (which is what you are doing when you use that astrological sequence). So you can use them in ritual at the quarters though there wont be as much much emphasis on elemental forms as is emphasized with the elelmental hexagrams.

            really, the purpose of the standard hexagram in ritual is to call Sol, and in particular the planetary kings of the Enochian tablet.
            To call Sol (the sun) you invoke all the planets and this the standard hexagram gives you the center space to do it, while being very good at keeping it all together.
            it also mirrors the relations of the planetary seniors as well as the seniors to their king in the tablet.

            Now, Crowleys universal hexagram is rather ingenious because it gives you a central point to invoke and banish solar forces,without having to mess with the other planets.
            it also serves the function both the hexagram allows you to call forces here like the unicursal septagram though through a different order that isn't often used.
            Because you cant go sun to moon for instance but, sun, moon and sat are aligned on the central axis which is cool.
            The main point of Crowleys unicursal hexagram is that it is a symbol of direct manifestation from the monad (sol)

            what is often called the Supreme ritual of the Hexgram is really just a greater Saturn hex ritual used to call forces from Binah. Da'ath gets hijacked by Binah though dual association with Saturn.
            it is a little lazy, since you can just do Nonagram ritual to call sephirothic powers. Well, that hasn't been published in a manner that spells it out for you bu the basis is there in Regardie's Complete Golden Dawn.
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