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The mysteries of Christ as interpreted by a Witch and Magus. The Initiation of Jesus.

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  • The mysteries of Christ as interpreted by a Witch and Magus. The Initiation of Jesus.

    As a preface regarding the subject, Ken Henson has discussed much about Jesus's journey into the underworld, followed by his ascension into the heavens. That the demon he calls up is his daemon to which he comes face to face not unlike Crowley's Coronzon working. If you can find them, his posts and lectures elsewhere on the subject will help you understand the context of this material.

    This clearly has themes of underworld initiation common to Hellenistic mystery traditions. Both of us have commented time an again on the possibility of Jesus- or that source of the composite Jesus, being a Goes.

    There is also a liminal aspect to this, and the daemon in question seems to also act as a familiar spirit.

    NaChaSh, the name of the serpent in Eden is the MeShIaCh (Christos), and the Brazen serpent Nahushtan which Moses lifted up, as Christ was to be lifted up. Now, taking a further look at how this mystery is connected with witchcraft:

    Nachash NChSh
    Shem Chet Nun
    ....300......8....50 = 358

    Meshiach, MShICh,
    Chet Yod Shem Mem
    ..... 8 ...10 ...300....40 = 358

    YodShinMemChet - fith, a fith part (Anagram of Meshiach)
    AyinReshPehChet - "Priest of the Sun" - a pharoh of Egypt.
    MemYodShinChet - alert (anagram of Meshiach)
    NunShinChet - to be bright, beautiful; splender (Anagram of NChSh)
    - The Brazen serpent of Moses. Splender is also a name of Netzach, the sephira of Venus - the morning star.
    MemYodLamedGimelResh HayKafNun - to be smitten of feet, lame
    a walker between worlds.

    Nachash also means (other than serpent):
    - to hiss, whisper; to practice divination
    - to know the will of god. (the fire)
    - to be hard or firm (as a staff, spine or pillar)
    - incantation, augury, omen
    - copper or bronze (bronze is copper + tin, and copper yeilds wyrdfire)

    Meshiach (Latin Christus) means:
    - smeared or oiled, annointed
    -as the 'Witche's Ointment'

    The cross is,self- evidently a crossroads. Christ was crucified at the the crossroads, and also:

    Early depictions of the cross showed it as a T-cross, which about was coiled a snake representing Christ. Anointing, to be awakened to a mystery, gnosis. The T (tree) is also the axis mundi, for he had come to save the world. Tav is the letter corresponding to the World/Universe card in the Tarot. The title "Lord of this world" is an interesting consideration here, as the T-cross is another form of the Y-stang or tree-fold crossroads between heaven/hell and earth.

    Jesus's daemon then has relations to the "Man in Black" or "Devil at the crossroads" and further than this being nailed to the cross can be seen as allegory of Jesus becoming one with his daemon; and as this is said to be the completion of his work it can also be interpreted as his unification with his H.G.A. figure. His becoming his worldview and cosmology and the embodiment of tradition.
    Tsalagi Nvwoti Didahnvwesgi Ale Didahnesesgi
    (Cherokee medicine practitioner of left and right hand paths) - The Anikutani Tradition