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  • Beloved Goddess--Second Edition

    The second (and final) edition of Beloved Goddess will come to me from the printers in 10 days' time. I want to discuss the way in which this is unfolding.

    This is the illustrated and entirely calligraphed praise poem to the sacred feminine that I originally authored and had published in 1986. The illustrations were all drawn by an artist I hired for the purpose, and the visualizations of the various images was a shared process. 500 were printed at that time, and they were distributed over the following decades.

    The thought of reissuing Beloved Goddess arose for me, I think, because I am feeling so grateful and blessed by the way my recent relocation to Portland, Oregon, has gone...and part of that blessing is that I can afford to live at a reasonably comfortable, if impoverished, level. So it happens that I have enough money to publish this, and I very much wanted to do a religious devotion that says "thank you" and extends that blessing to others.

    So this is how it has gone: I asked around to try to find a printer--I didn't want to deal with any "born agains" problems with the naked goddesses or pagan spirituality manifested in BG, and more than that, I wanted someone to do this who appreciated and would enjoy it. In the course of checking around, I asked a local women's bookstore for any recommendations, and they suggested a couple of local printers.

    That's how I happened upon Eberhardt Press, a collective of anarchists who were glad to take the project. The fellow I've directly worked with is really reliable and congenial, so that has been wonderful. He showed me the sample books for text paper and cover, and we agreed on the selections. He answered my technical questions about whether they could produce good images from my last remaining copy of the 1986 edition--and happily, that has proven not to be a problem. This time it will be hand-sewn (meaning, done on a manual machine for the purpose) instead of stapled, which will add "class" to the appearance. The papers are really nice, the kind that have flecks and threads in them...not just plain or laid stock (which is what I had last time). The cover name and design will be in gold ink, to make it immediately attractive.

    I wrote a very brief history/profile of Beloved Goddess, followed by a Dedication. This is on the inside front cover. It's much more overtly "political" than the first edition, but the melting icecaps and all the rest of the things going on in the world moved me to urge people not to just do rituals, but to act to heal our planet...while there's still time.

    The part that I think will make this more effective than last time, is that I've come up with a very specific distribution plan. 400 copies will be printed, and I plan for 300 of those to be equally divided between two local sources: a store that is Goddess/spirituality themed, and the woman's bookstore that I mentioned earlier. The idea here is that (if they agree) I will give them each 150 copies for them to sell at whatever price they see fit. This will provide them with some income, and will also act as encouragement for what they are doing. In the course of this, they will be effective distributors of the booklet, which will obviously go to people who feel receptive and drawn to it.

    The remaining 100 will be my personal copies, and these will be distributed one at a time to people I want to thank for their contributions to the world. They will also go to people I know and meet who are doing creative, giving things, and to whom I want to extend encouragement.

    It has been a great blessing in my life that I have been able to manifest beauty--something that is important to me. Now that my hands have seized up and I can't do calligraphy any more, this re-issue of Beloved Goddess is what remains for me to do. I hope it will prove, in a small way, to be an incentive for people to act to save ourselves and heal our earth, as well as being something they will treasure and keep for its beauty.

    I'll post here in future, as the copies come to me and events unfold; I'll keep you apprised of how this develops.
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    I received the 400 copies today, which turned out to be 389 copies, 9 of which were irretrievably spoiled. I divided the net run of 380 copies into "primo copies" and those with small imperfections, typically minor ink marks on back pages. I'll be mailing five tomorrow, which includes those going to the two local outlets I hope will want to sell them. This is, you will recall, a devotional project on my part, so I'm giving all copies away...the stores I'm approaching will sell them and keep the proceeds. The idea is to encourage, thank, and help sustain them in their efforts.

    That is the intended outcome for my remaining, personal copies. People I identify as trying to save the world from the indifference and madness that is upon us, I'll send a copy. Obviously, this won't be I listen to the Work itself, to ascertain where they want to go. This is the magical part, and also the part that entails a lot of prayer--something I do often.

    It is a relief to have the booklets in hand: they look good, and I am very, very grateful to the two people at Eberhardt Press who produced them. The distribution of Beloved Goddess will be an ongoing feature of my remaining life, as I try to extend some encouragement and thanks to those who more effectively than I, try to heal our world.


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      Just a quick post to say that distribution is now ongoing. The women's bookstore isn't interested in picking up their (free) copies, so I'm not sure whether they are really interested, or enough so. It's a real hassle for me, due to my disabilities and the quantity they want. So...I'm going to listen on this one, and see whether the work wants to go there. The other store has not responded, so I'll wait until the end of the month before deciding they are not interested.

      These are small bumps or surprises, but I always considered that there was nothing "automatic" about who would be receptive. For all I know, the buyer at the women's place could be a Marxist and not thrilled with religiously themed materials. Also, the images in the booklet are really powerful--one of the reasons I wanted to find an "alternative" printer who would be comfortable with all the content--so it's possible that even some places that like Beloved Goddess might be hesitant to offer it for sale. One thing's for sure: if the "born agains" saw it, they would just flip out. It would be Satanism and pornography, rolled into one.

      This work will be distributed for a long time to come.


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        Unless something unusual happens, this will be my last post to this thread. I did manage to get 20 copies to the women's bookstore/meeting place this morning, just as they opened. It was important to do this, since their store was one of the places I especially wanted to encourage and support via Beloved Goddess.

        There is always more that can be done; it's important to create, to try to heal whatever we can reach within our circle. Cast the circle wide!


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          Something Wonderful Happened

          Well, it turns out there is a reason to post in this thread once more. For the past couple of days, I had been doing a not-very-hopeful search via the internet for the lady who illustrated Beloved Goddess back in 1986. To make the story short--I found her! I'd sent a couple of emails to what seemed at least plausible addresses, and she responded today. It turns out that she has a thriving business in Hawaii, and I recognize some of her wonderful designs from other catalogues and vendors...including the famous peace flags, etc. You can view her site and work at:


          She is not only a gifted artist, but a wonderful lady of great heart. This is yet another blessing that has come to and through this entire stream of feeling energy.

          I'll ship off some copies of the second edition to her on Monday.