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The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries Re-released

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  • The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries Re-released

    You probably all knew this, but I was surprised to see several copies of Z Budapest's Holy Book of Women's Mysteries in the bookstore. I love the cover (lovely blue with gold lettering and a picture of a woman speaking butterflies - I believe that layout is mirrored on Z's website IIRC).

    I remember first reading bits and bobs of an old copy a friend had lent me back when I was 21. The book was so close to falling apart I was afraid it would disintegrate and since it was a friend's I barely read it, although she said it was a very meaningful book for her.

    So delighted to finally have my own brand spanking new copy to read through. I love Z's writing. I love Goddess oriented spiritual books because it feels like I can just dig right into them, revel in their texture and beauty, as if stepping into a pool of the Divine.
    Om Namah Shivaya.

    "Im finding seeking the sacred, well, that its rather like falling in love, the harder you seek it, the less likely it is to happen." - Brightshores

    "When your consciousness is directed outward, mind and world arise. When it is directed inward, it realizes its own Source and returns home into the Unmanifested." ~ Eckhart Tolle