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Lore Keeper MAterial (Celtic material)

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  • Lore Keeper MAterial (Celtic material)

    Not sure of the accuracy of the material but what I have read through has been pretty accurate and a good read. Has been posted to a now defunct site so people may have encountered this material elsewhere.

    Celtic Studies is a broad field that has as its core the languages, literatures, and histories of Celtic-speaking peoples, from the Continental Celts of ancient Gaul to the modern survivals in Scotland, Ireland, the island of Man, Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany. The discipline of Celtic Studies extends into a wide range of topics, including archaeology, art, music, literature, folklore, religion, dance, immigration, and ethnic studies.

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    Very cool. My spirituality doesn't really have anything Celtic in it, but I still find Celtic cultures fascinating. This writer(s?) of this site seems to have a good handle on the contemporary and historical social issues that have colored popular perception of the Celts, which is an incredibly painful omission from most non-academic sources. I'll do some more looking into it tonight. Thanks for the resource.