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  • **Ahaut/Jenn, fresh from a visit to the C & B, decides to dust off her other favorite tavern. She pads barefoot into the Blue Lotus, henus the barkeep Kheruef (formerly an ushabti) and heads back to the pool where William the blue hippo is still lounging in the water**

    Havent't been here in ages! William, buddy, how've you been? **scratches the huge hippo affectionately behind his tiny ear** Be good, boy. I'll be back later.

    **heads back inside and is handed a glass of wine** Thanks! Excellent vintage.

    I feel a little out of place in here with my streeet clothes on. I'm just going to duck into one of the side chambers and change into something more suitable for this venue. :-)

    **comes back a while later, wearing a comfortable caftan and a beautiful beaded collar necklace and a lot of makeup** Much better!

    Now maybe if we could get a senet tournament going on around here....?
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