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What Kind of Kemetic Are You?

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  • What Kind of Kemetic Are You?

    Okay, so I know we already have one of these, but there's been some path-shifting within this forum, and lots of new people rolling through, so I'm going to take the initiative and start a new poll. What kind of Kemetic are you?

    I am Kemetic Orthodox.
    Kemetic Reconstructionist (Solitary)
    Kemetic Reconstructionist (Temple-Affiliated)
    Kemetic Orthodox
    Tameran/Egyptian Wiccan
    Other Kemetic
    Wepwawet & Sekhmet-Mut
    { Bast & Nut & Khonsu }

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    tameran wiccan definitely
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      Great idea. I voted Tameran/Egyptian Wiccan now.

      Plus I replaced the old sticky with this one. Time for a new round of votes to see where everyone is at in their path.

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        tameran yes, wiccan no. I am specifically a Druid, who choses to follow the gods through the Egyptian gods/goddess.
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          I'm Kemetic Orthodox.
          Djehutyzebetj - "Djehuty's mirth"
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            I was named in the House of Netjer, but I haven't felt a part of the temple for a long time. Both of my Fathers are wanderers, so I suppose it's not much of a surprise that Their daughter wanders, too.
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              I voted "Other" because the only option that sounded right... wasn't lol.

              I read/study Kametian, Cannonite (Jewish) texts. I don't think there's an exact name for what I practice although when asked I usually respond "Hermetic Kabbalist".

              Following my path where it had lead. For those still wanting a chart interpretation you can go here.


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                Kemetic Orthodox

                Sat Set her Djehuty, Meryt Ra her Heru-wer

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                  My path is so eclectic that I don't think any lable applies exactly, but at this point it is probably closer to Tameran Wicca than anything else.
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                    I'm an Estonian/Siberian Shamanic Pagan/Witch/Healer with Egyptian leanings. I also incorporate deities, beliefs/ideas from Scandinavian/Norse, Greek or any other Pantheon. I'm just Ecclectic I guess, lol.


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                      I'm Kemetic Orthodox.


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                        I put other. I don't follow the kemetic orthodoxy, and I'm not wiccan. I'm just a witch blessed to be guided by the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

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                          Nice, I get to try and define my path for the first time.
                          Lets give it a go!

                          I am a Dianic Tamerian Wiccan, who also incorporates Asian (Buddhistic) ideas and Universalism.

                          I have no idea how perfectly correct and spesified that just got, but it is a start! Lol. So I am an ecclectic, but one with a thought path forward into something of my own.
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                            Tameran is closest.


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                              This is somewhat of a blurry issue for me, because I would consider myself "Kemetic" in the sense that my religious beliefs are strongly rooted in Egyptian paganism. Yet, my system is Setianism, and from what I understand, some people do not consider Setians to be Kemetic. I have seen this objection come from both sides, actually. Many Setians do not seem to care for the word Kemetic very much, but some apparently do. So, though I recognize that some folks here may not include Setianism in the list of Kemetic faiths, I picked "Other Kemetic."
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