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How many statues do you have?

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    Oh, I have a bunch that I purchased: Six on my altar (Set, Yinepu, Amun Ra, Bast as a cat-headed woman, Nit, and Heru Wer). I also have two dollhouse size statues (Set and Yinepu) for my traveling altar. And I also have a Ma'at and an Aset.

    And then there are the ones that were given to me: Khepera, in full beetle form, and two other Bast statues, both in full feline form. (It seems like the moment you tell someone you have Kemetic leanings, that's all you will ever get for gifts: statues of Bast cats or Yinepu jackals.)
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      wow...lets see I large crocheted Grandmother Spiderwoman, 1 Baste (+ many other cat figurines) 1 Hopi Warrior..

      actual statues? Buddha....Jesus (3 versions or more), 18" Mary of Lourdes, a 60's version of Mother Mary (unique)

      And many others planned!
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        Kemetic statues:
        I have two for Dad (Amun), four for mom (Bast-Mut), one of Het-Hert.

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          I have sixteen at quick glance. Three are from my Pagan days, the other thirteen are various Christian statues of Jesus, Mary, and the Saints, that I found in a variety of places, including online, and the Salvation Army. I have a bunch of statues made out of Irish turf, from a company called Owen Craft: Saint Brighid, Saint Patrick, and Saint Columcille.Those are my favorites. A friend of mine travels a lot in Europe and the Middle East, and brings back statues from Marian places from me. I even have a glow in the dark statue of Fatima!
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            None. I use pictures. Statues are too hard to find and too expensive. And the ones I find are often not what I like or want.


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              They take up too much space too. I'm looking for a small Aset to have on my main altar which is locked up in a cabinet. But in general, I think I would rather just do without statues since they tend to take over my living space.


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                We just moved. It makes it easy to see how many statues we have. We have more books, so the statues are confined to the top of the cabinets, and on the book shelves in front of the books. And on tables. And on window sills. And bathroom counters. And on desks and night stands. Oh gods, they're everywhere!
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