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How many statues do you have?

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  • How many statues do you have?

    Just curious. I plan to get at least one of Ma'at and Anubis, but my Bast statue is on the way.

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    I have absolutely no statues whatsoever. I have a hard enough time trying to keep my ornaments from breaking.


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      I have statues of....Isis............horus........wadjet,.....and Anuubis!
      I also have statues of Indianchiefs, squaws with pappooses,....angels also. they represent all of my guides.
      i have a statue of White wolves also!!!!!
      well nearly all!! lol:fpraise:
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        Wadjet would be a neat one to have...I'm obsessed witth Bast though. And I have to wait six more hours at least until mail arrives!

        I don't know all my guides yet. I wonder if I could get a custom statue of my familiar....


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          I have several little figurine things around the house. (No alter) I'll be happy to take photos of them later, but now I just want to share this one.

          My Bast that I inherited. I have no idea where this thing originally came from or when it was made. It's basically a big chunk of coated lead. This bugger has weapon potential too. Attack me and I'll give you a concussion and lead poisoning in one swipe.

          I'd love to get it appraised, if anything to find out where and when it's from. Now if only Antiques Roadshow would drag it's butt to a town actually near me.

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            Hehe... oh, what a question!

            Let's see, images of Bast around the house (statues (plastic, rock, resin, etc.), plushies, & artwork): 18
            (Not counting all the other cat paraphernalia that doesn't immediately scream out Bast!)

            Also have Sobek (statue & plushie), Aset (Isis), Amun-Ra, and Sekhmet for "real" statues; a wonderful painting of Ma'at... and various other Gods/Goddesses hanging around in "plastic" form (brought one of those "Plastic God/Goddess/Etc. figurine" sets somewhere).
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              I have one of Yinepu (Anubis), Satet and Amun-Ra on my shrine (they are my Parent + Beloveds). I also have a miniture one of Yinepu on a box and a miniture Bast (both on my shrine). I have a couple of other statues of Yinepu in my house and one of Aset. I also have a couple of pharoah mask (probably Tutankamum) statues and scarab beetle statues too.
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                I have hundreds of statues. They fill a whole bookcase. Most of them are tiny though, only a couple of inches tall.

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                  Two, both different incarnations of Buddha, both I feel deeply aligned with too, about to get a statue of a Dragon, and one of (if it can be found) Donald of Islay, as well as one of a Tiger
                  Per Mare, Per Terras!!!

                  Feel Free to PM me with your request

                  *sigh* I finally did it... thar be my dragons, pwease qwick them... I don't want to go to jail for neglect... what'd a dragon ever do to you??

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                    Two of Anubis (pewter and resin), one of Hermanubis (ceramic), two of Bast (ceramic and resin), one of Khnum (ceramic), one of Horus (ceramic), one of Osiris (ceramic), one of Hathor (ceramic) and two statues which could be defined as "somewhat open". One of Sekhmet, and one of Anubis, both in resin.

                    As for non-Kemetic I've got numerous serpents, dragons and beasties, and a pair of wiccanesque statues.


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                      I have 2.A female and male egyptian cat statue. if i need to invoke a god i use the male and vise versa for a goddess. i dont think Anubis likes the cat statue.......
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                        I have one statue of the God, Set. I purchased it from the website Soma Luna. Here's photos of it:

                        Then I also have a really small Bast statue.

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                          i've got a few figurines of various animals a chinese pig because that's my astrological sign in the chinese horoscope and a purple buddah. i also have a snow globe from sea world with a man holding a trident on a fish to represent Poseidon but other than that, i don't have a single statue.
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                            Well,let me show you :D My main Hekate (She has 3 identical faces which you cant see here), Goddess, God, Ghede, and Lucifer. I have so many more, just didn't want to go overboard LOL
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                              I have the same statue of Set that Whitewolf has, as well as a small statuette of Sekhmet and another small statuette of Yinepu.

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