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  • Working with Wepwawet

    As a new pagan, I have attached myself to the gods of the ancient egyptians to call for in times of need and to offer acknowledgement to each day. As a newly escaped member of the harsh regiment of a conservative christian family, I am relunctant to tie myself down to any other religion. I am more generally spiritual than fervently religious.

    Anyway, recently I felt a little lost because none of the gods and goddesses I had chosen had communicated with me or chosen me to be their follower. I wandered alone for a few days, calling upon none but the great Creator. Three days after my wandering, Wepwawet came to me in a dream. The dream itself is a little foggy except for the words, "The Dog Chooses You."

    I had never even heard of Wepwawet before. Upon doing some research I found that he was a more obscure god. I was wondering if anyone was familiar with him? I am young and not yet very knowledgeable in pagan practices. I would like to be able to please my new found patron, but I know little about him besides the fact that he appears to me as a white sight hound and he likes dried cranberries and feta cheese. =P

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    It's an ancient thread, but has the most complete info on any of the jackal deities, especially Wepwawet.
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