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Question regarding the concept of Maat

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  • moon81goddess
    For me (and me only, this is definitely not any sort of dogma, cannon, or anything official for any group I am a member of), Ma'at is truth, justice... and Balance. She encompasses both "good" and "bad", the "ups" and "downs" of life... She really encompasses /EVERYTHING/. She IS Creation, She is "The Way"... "the path", "the order". However you want to call the way life is "supposed" to be, that is Ma'at. She is always there, ever-present.

    (The only thing that "unbalances" Ma'at is [strike]Ap-p[/strike], uncreation itself...)

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  • Silverwing
    started a topic Question regarding the concept of Maat

    Question regarding the concept of Maat

    I've been doing some research about the concept of Maat, and I'm a little confused on one point. I've been seeing Maat defined as the original cosmic order, and I'm not sure what this means. To uphold Maat, must one uphold the way things were meant to be? I understand Maat being truth and justice, but what exactly does cosmic order entail?