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  • I am currently in the beginners class at HON and I really like it. Every week I look forward to the next lesson. Everyone is really great and friendly. At this point I am really thinking about staying on and getting divined and possibly becoming a shemsu, but I am leaving my mind open and not making a decision until the end.

    I really think you would like it Shepen.

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    • Wow, almost 6 year dead post..... *sheepish smile* have to ask questions though.

      What are the classes like?
      How do you: A) get the lessons, B) Take the lessons?
      Is it live or by e-mail or what?

      I have been looking into this for a bit but this is the first time HoN has popped up for me.

      If anyone is still around and can answer my questions I would adore it!
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      • It's been some years since I was in the Beginners' Class, but I'll answer--

        What are the classes like?

        You get email lessons and weekly you go into their chat-room where discussion on these lessons is held. I believe the chats are a requirement. The lessons aren't hard to understand and most of them are short. You can also ask questions on their forums. I will say, the info presented isn't profound or impossible to get elsewhere. If you read academic texts or about the topics, you can find the info elsewhere.

        How do you: A) get the lessons
        Via email.

        B) Take the lessons?
        Via email. And chat. And message board.

        You can actually find out more by reading and/or asking on their forums, see---

        And here is the application:

        Hope this helps?


        • Agaliha is mostly right, in regards to the lessons... however, attendance at the chats are not mandatory/a requirement.

          The only "mandatory" thing about taking the class is to hopefully come into them with an open mind, and to actually read the lessons.

          Agaliha is also right in saying that you can find info about how the Ancient Egyptians, and in general modern Kemetics, practice by perusing academic sources and the internet. However, the Kemetic Orthodox beginner's classes are a way to introduce those interested in how we (Kemetic Orthodox practitioners) practice in specific... and, the classes aren't the end-all-be-all, tell-me-exactly-how-to-practice thing. We've got a pretty stable, and decently-sized, community of members who are willing to share how they practice the faith, and most are willing to give suggestions, if you want/need and ask.
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          • I have signed up for the class, dont know if I am going to get in or not... I hope I will.
            Felicity Rose Kysanthe