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What is your Yule dinner menu?

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  • What is your Yule dinner menu?

    Anyone having a special meal for your Yule dinner?

    i am cooking a beef roast, asparagus with rosemary and thyme, whole wheat bread and cookies for dessert.

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    Since we live in the southern hemisphere, Yule falls at Mid-summer roughly, seeing as the whole point is being in touch with the earth and seasons, we will be having fresh caught rabbit, and roast beef (hubby is of British background) asparagus salad, sliced vine ripe tomatoes slavered in balsamic vinegar, good olive oil covered with my garden's fresh basil and curls of parmesean, green bean salad, fresh watermelon, peaches and cherries and of course corn on the cob. All to be eaten on our front porch washed down with icey cold beer and followed with a swim in our pond... Yule in Australia... fa la la

    For our midwinter feast, its all about the pig.. Cerderwin, we usually do ham, stollen, lots of german and scottish cookies, hot mulled wine and cider, and my husband cooks up pumpkin and potatos and mashes them together with lots of butter, brussel sprouts are also in season then or something else cabbagey, and leeks, sometimes Rob does leek soup or pumpkin and leek soup... hot and satisfying
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      my feast

      it has to be homemade soup half a turkey, roast and normal potatoes sprouts sweetcorn drowned in onion gravy followed by chocolate gataux with cream
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        Ham, yam casserolee, green bean casserole, corn, rolls, mashed tates with gravy and apple pie for din din!!

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          gammon, boiled new potatoes and vegatables, finished off with a lovely fruit trifle.


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            I'm going to my sisters, so who knows!

            I'm looking forward to cooking a nice glazed ham on Boxing Day (thats the day after crimbo fyi) with fresh, local sprouts (we get them still on the stalk! mmmm! :drool: ), roasted potatoes and roasted parsnips, and mushy-peas (another british speciality )


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              It all sounds good!

              But what is gammon?
              And mushy peas?

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                Originally posted by Faery-Wings
                It all sounds good!

                But what is gammon?
                And mushy peas?
                Mushy peas - mmmmm :drool: they are soooo good. I cheat though, and use 'quick soak' peas, which you only need to soak for 4 hours instead of overnight They're more of a northern thing I think, although they've spread in recent years. It's traditional to have them with fish and chips!

                Gammon is basically thickly cut ham
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                  Tonight is our Yule ritual. We are having Wish Soup--which everyone is bringing a chopped veggie for. I'm providing the lamb for the Wish Balls. And people are bringing lots of good food to share, as well. So the menu won't be completely known untill all get here.
                  Good food shared with family of the heart... what could be better?


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                    Must have pork...
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                      Pork tenderloin and mashed potatoes :D


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                        I am roasting a chicken and baking a yorkshire pudding...

                        it is all I had to work with....and anyone who lives in the UK....knows all about stretching a meal with the use of yorkshire pudding !!!!!


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                          smoked ham, boiled potatoes, asparagus, home made rolls and a very special dessert, a family recipe sorry cant tell...
                          Hope my roomates and my friends
                          appriciate all my hard work

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                            My family is having turkey, roast potatoes, brussel sprouts, pigs in blankets, stuffing, and probably carrots and other veg. Of course bread sauce and cranberry sauce too. I'm having the same except exchanging the turkey for a puff pastry mushroom bake cos I am not a big fan of turkey. For pudding: christmas pudding with custard, brandy butter and brandy cream and another 'surprise' pudding for those who don't like CHristmas pud! Very traditional but we only eat it once a year so what the heck!!|
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                              Originally posted by Goddess Rhiannon
                              I am roasting a chicken and baking a yorkshire pudding...

                              it is all I had to work with....and anyone who lives in the UK....knows all about stretching a meal with the use of yorkshire pudding !!!!!