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    Originally posted by RainInanna View Post
    QFT I find often when people say they're Pagan they're using New Age concepts and wrapping them in a religious framework.

    Okay, seeing that I am really exploring this area, what do you mean? Which consepts?

    I consider myself a pagan, but I am straying away from the religious framework, and into the New Age consept. The difficuly for me is what now remains pagan, and what is suddenly New Age. It`s a very uncertain term for me, and it doesn`t help that the umbrella is so big :D


    Some of the "New Age" stuff I do not want to get into, is re-incarnation (does that even really belong under that "path"?), soul, and the god stuff.

    My impression is that New Agers usually do have strong religious wrappings, mostly christian. Am I very wrong on that one? Because then I want to unwrap it..
    "... Suspect I may, yet not directly tell:
    For being both to me, both to each friend,
    I guess one angel in another's hell;
    The truth I shall not know, but live in doubt,
    Till my bad angel fire my good one out..."