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    Originally posted by RainInanna View Post
    Thank you

    I found God in the Catholic church Sunday. I hadn't gone to church because of hurt feelings since I was a little girl, but I went to take my boys and see my Grandmother and Grandfather in law, and to please my mother in law, and to let my little boys see the culture that lives in their heart too. And I cried. I didn't understand most of it because it was in Ukranian or Greek, and I didn't know the priest had done his sermon knowing we would come, about family and divine sons, and every word he spoke was made for me to hear somehow. And somehow I found god in my sons as well as Jesus, and in my father as well as God, and in my brothers, husband, and friends, and in my mother, and sisters, and aunts. And I cried, and cried. And it was beautiful. The singing, in a language I did not know, and the ritual movements by a man who took the role of priest, and the role of father, and the role of brother and friend, and I never knew how much I missed that God and how I could still find God in church.
    Originally posted by RainInanna View Post
    Yes. I chose to go to church when I was a child, just a few times, and stopped going. And for a long time I thought I had to find god in Paganism, not Christianity. And when I realized my soon to be in laws are Catholic, I panicked. Now only to find the same god is there, the same answers can be found, the same words can be spoken and sung, and the same love can be seen in the myth. I missed hearing God in church, thinking I couldn't find the Sacred there. It was so beautiful. I don't know if we'll go again soon, but it was mind-shattering.
    That's what I've come round to thinking too. Not that it doesn't matter what particular path you choose, the sense of belonging is a very important part of it, but that you might be able to find God, or whatever you want to call it, some way that you might have least expected not too long ago. Whatever some may try to insist, I really don't think that even traditional Christianity need be incompatible with whatever other ways you have of getting closer to the divine, whatever the divine may be.
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      I'm not too sure what I believe (and I don't have my head on straight today anyway), but there are moments of happiness or just contentment when I see/hear something and come to a realization that the something was very special, and I am so grateful for that something at that moment.

      Sometimes it's a person on the train who says something sweet after I just bumped into them, or just plain old fresh air outside when I get out for lunch. I am always at peace when I smell flowers, even for just a split second.


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        you got it...a path is to find those few seconds and them make them last longer and longer..... most people do not even recognize the few are doing well:boing:
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