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    This is a time for much needed self-care and putting self first. A massive phase has just been completed and we now need to turn our attention to ourselves for a while. Unusual weight gain has been prevalent with many over the past two years, but for a different reason than the common ascension symptom of abdominal weight gain. Stress and upheavals are the main culprits here. And please know that certainly not everyone fits into these writings, as there can be many reasons for weight gain. Now, many will find that they desire to dive into self careā€¦.attention to healthy eating and exercise and the like. We can now get back on track.
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    Oh, thank you for sharing. That's a beautiful and positive look at things.
    Here everybody has a neighbor
    Everybody has a friend
    Everybody has a reason to begin again


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      I love the lovin it and doing it......changing eating habit and more exercise daily.....
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        i *really* hope this is true.


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          wow that was very interesting.

          fits my life situation quite remarkably.

          bookmarking for later perusal.
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          of life itself and so to be present in all that one does,
          from the effort of loving to the breaking of bread."
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