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  • How are You Channelling

    How do ya'll you know what you are channelling .... do you ground yourself....

    I have been channelling energies for some time now...I definately ground myself.....and ask for a master to be with me....I have pulled energies from Mother Earth, from the Universe...I practice different breathing patterns that help me experience different paths for the energies to flow:boing:

    I have felt energies move in my hands...coming in through my Hara Chakra...out from my body between the sacral and solar plexis... the Alter Major...which is at the base of the the top of the spine....:boing:
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    I channel only those from the Highest. I find myself deep in the background of my consciousness like a voyeur on proceedings. Breathing is deep and slow, like when I sleep as my physical body is in the control of the High Spirit. I can see a cloudy shape around me and feel my facial features change.

    I can remember what has been said only immediately following the channeling event. The memory fades completely in about 5 minutes. None of those thoughts went through my mind.

    I feel quite high afterwards. How about you?

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      when I channel I dont always remeber who or what I channeled so I like to tape myself
      I have found most have really good advice..even if they arent what one would call "famous"
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