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    okay, so i really am not sure that this is where i am supposed to be. I took the test on beliefnet and it tried to tell me i should be jainist which completely fails but at 94%, "neopagan" was just about on the money.

    I'm somewhat past the searching part of things after a fairly rough 'transition' from Christianity. So i guess i'll just state my beliefs and see what you guys think; if i'm in the right path forum:

    I believe in one supreme creator God-"Alpha" (who intwined with Joseph to conceive the historical Jesus within Mary) and many gods/goddesses (wiccan, greek, norse, etc) whom Alpha has appointed over various things. As to whom I worship, it is one of these gods/goddesses. Right now I am leaning toward Luna, wiccan goddess of the moon. This is mostly because I feel like creator God is such a far-away, abstract God even though He is very real.

    I also believe in angels, demons, and a similar hierarchy in hell of satan (Lucifer, the legendary fallen angel) and many lesser devils, half breeds, were-creatures, vampires, and witches.

    upon death, i believe in a transition to the spiritual plane(s) where one may be reincarnated, go to heaven, or perhaps even go to hell, with the 3rd option being the least likely.

    I think there is some truth in each religion but that no one religion is truth in and of itself. I believe that if a person believes in something, it exists in some form, even though it is most possible that it is not in the form that said person thinks it is (i.e. 'gods' can be demons).

    Also, i guess the starkest contrast to what i used to believe as a christian is that I really do not view ALL demons as neccessarily bad or evil. During my transition from Christian, i considered becoming a satanist in the satan-worshipping sense rather than the satanist path which is on this site because I was angry with Alpha, among other things. But i did decide to learn from satan and not go completely anti-God.
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    This probably wont help you,(sorry!!)
    but right now you are probably where you are supposed to be in development!
    mysticWicks is great...........all kinds of interesting people to help and guide you,.interesting forums!
    we all develop at a natural pace.........its good to explore!
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      If I may suggest a path?


      Don't try to label yourself so soon...just try to learn and figure out the specifics of what you believe, and the rest will come to you. Learn about all paths, even if you don't fully believe in it, because if as you said, there is some truth in every religion, then don't you want to find it?

      Also, trying to find your path from an online quiz is just kinda...silly. Use that quiz to figure out where to start, if you use it at all.
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