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    I don't visit this subforum nearly enough. Everytime I come back to reread something, it looks like everyone I last interacted with has left MW.

    Who's left? Who's new? Who's here?

    Who's a pantheist? And what does that mean to you?

    I'm out of my mind, please leave a message...

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    Over 48 hours since I made this post and no replies.


    I'm out of my mind, please leave a message...


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      I'm still here.
      I mainly lurk though.

      When this sub-forum is active there can be some interesting topics going on.

      I would say I relate more to Natural Pantheism:

      The core of Naturalistic Pantheism is reverence for the real Universe, as progressively revealed by the scientific method and by our senses. Thus Naturalistic Pantheism does not believe in any creator deity but accepts the Theory of Evolution. Although Naturalistic Pantheism does not include belief in a personal afterlife, it does promote the idea of naturalistic forms of afterlife including genetic inheritance, persistence through memories and the results of actions, and recycling of human physical elements in Nature
      That quote is from wikipedia (the info came from


      Explains a lot really well for me. A lot better than I'd be able to put into words.

      Anyway, I've gone off on a tangent so I'll stop there


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        Thanks for getting me to reply, Ravenscape. Like Mystic Zoe, I lurk more often than post. One can see I have few posts but have been here a fair amount of time, even though I did disappear for a couple of years a few years ago.

        I then found this forum on Pantheism and some related and generally lurk around here. There have been some really wonderful members here and I hope they still come around.

        I am pantheistic in the more original sense of one whose deity is in and part of all that is. What is, is devine. There is no deity in any way separate as in panentheism or monotheism or polytheism although I explored that a few years ago here and elsewhere. I do believe in the existence of spirits which are the afterlife for some. I believe in the spiritual essence of all things, similar to animism. I connect with the devine of all of nature by speaking out to it, as in prayer although I don't use that word and prefer the concept of conscious contact. I use a seasonal, earth based calendar of celebration but that is due to my more "traditional pagan" introduction to this pagan belief system about 30 years ago.

        I hope others come back and I will be more regular in my coming here and I'll try to do more than lurk.
        I don't need a god to make me safe
        I am safe by knowing I am where I should be
        a part of all that is


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          Hi. I was real active here for a long time, then my personal life tanked and I didn't react well, I'm pulling it back together ( I think!) and my faith has been a huge help to me. I wouldn't be here without it.

          I am an Ardent Pantheist, Yes, I made that up myself. Basically I chose the term Ardent because so many Pans don't practice their beliefs as a religion, they hold them more as a philosophy. I like religious ritual, etc and find it useful and rewarding in my life, so, to identify myself and my practices as being unlike that of other pans (I used to get chewed out by other pans all the time who got angry that I practiced pantheism with ritual etc, because they thought that made pantheism seem superstitious and too much like religion) so, instead of calling myself Pan...and getting them all in a knot, I called myself Ardent Pan.

          I believe that the Universe is the Ultimate Reality. It is the Dynamic Process, not a thing, but a process, and all within it are functions of the Dynamic Process.

          My rituals, practices, etc are useful to me because part of human nature seems to be a religious tendency. My practice satisfies some needs and urges within me and helps me order the rest of my life more productively.

          I don't personify the assign human traits or motives to it. It is what it is. It doesn't alter its ways according to my whims or requests. It's pretty awesome!

          I pray, make altars, hold ritual, celebrate holy days, etc.

          I don't know what went down here some months ago that caused a mass exodus, and don't particularly care. But I've got no beef with MW or with anyone here and just got computer connectivity again after several months I hope to be showing my face here again.
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            motes of dust spinning in singularity. let's dance together.

            I'm out of my mind, please leave a message...


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              I wasn't active on MW when you originally posted, but I'm very glad to see activity in this sub-forum! I wasn't around in its hey-day, but it's one of the main reasons I love MW. I often come in here and just read through old posts.

              I do somewhat label myself as pantheist - I haven't really got a definitive label, but pantheist or naturalist pagan would probably fit me best. But this forum was instrumental in discovering the kind of path I really want to follow spiritually. I had grappled for years with questions of deity, and swung between pure atheism and wanting some sort of belief and feeling a hole in my life without it. As you say, Cheddarsox, humans seem to have an innate religious tendency, and I felt adrift without anything to satisfy it.

              But last Halloween - my 23rd birthday - I discovered this forum, and reading some of your views (Cheddarsox, Windsmith, etc) was like coming home.

              My beliefs are much the same as yours, Cheddarsox - I like the term Ardent Pantheism! I would consider myself a naturalistic pantheist as you do, Mystic Zoe, but my practice very much hinges around ritual, which seems to be unusual with most naturalistic beliefs.

              For me, pantheism allows me to "speak" to the universe, to have rituals and observe the wheel of the year and the moon cycle, and not have the feeling that I need to believe in a personal or creator deity to do so. Until I discovered pantheism, it was pretty much Wicca or nothing for me. I felt that I had to literally believe in magic, deity, and spirits, and if I couldn't find a logical way to do so, I would have to turn back to pure atheism. So it's been extremely liberating for me, to see that people can actually follow essentially non-theistic paths that still have reverence at their centre.

              I'm still very much in the process of figuring it all out, but I'm getting there!

              How about you, Ravenscape? What does your belief/practice look like?
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                I once described my journey as something along the lines of this

                Christianity - raised this way and it was just the way the universe worked. to question it was to question that apples fall from trees - unthinkably inane.

                Angry Atheism - I felt betrayed when I realized how flimsy Christianity was in describing the observable workings of that same universe. Also, was pretty piqued that a loving God wasn't preventing all the (subjectively at the time) horrible things happening to me.

                Apathetic Agnosticism. Once I stopped caring and worrying, religion simply wasn't a feature of my life...for a long time. nearly 2 decades.

                Deism - maybe something had to be there, to push the universe into being. If so, then whatever it was had no discernible role to play after that push.

                Oh...wait. What's the common thing here? The Universe.

                And there's something interactive here. I don't quite get it, but it seems almost playful and friendly at times.

                I describe myself in various ways mostly based on the venue. Among atheists, I usually describe myself as a post-atheist or a pantheist. The whole activist atheism movement with its gelatogates and unbaptisms and what not strike me as silly. I can't see getting that worked up over what I am not. Would rather think about what I am.

                Among theists I usually self-identify as pantheist pagan. It fits well, like a comfy sweater. pantheism is what I think. paganism is what I do.

                I'm out of my mind, please leave a message...


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                  I like that
                  pantheism is what I think. paganism is what I do.
                  I whole-heartedly agree. I am wiccan, and I do feel certain gods and goddesses call to me more than others. Even to the point of having a patron, but I also consider myself pantheist, in that there is a divine behind the divine, so to speak. That divinity is the cosmos itself, not just this universe, but all universes, a fabric of energy that makes up everything, and we are all just expressions of that energy, given form. And if one considers we are individual and sentient, and yet part of this greater whole, then greater parts of that cosmos can also have sentience, which we may or may not be part of, and even the entire cosomos itself can have sentience.

                  So there is the conundrum, am I pantheist or polytheist? I think I am both.
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                    I'm not sure if this will resonate or not. If the entire universe is divine that doesn't necessarily mean that divinity is uniformly spread such that every gram of sand and every gram of stardust and every gram of brain cells etc are each embued with the same amount of sentient godhood/goddesshood. - a grams worth, if you will. divinity could pool and eddy, wax and wane, and move about. Some parts of the universe are more immanent and more interactive thane others. And as the saying goes, all the incarnations of gods could be a reflection of one god; all the incarnations of goddesses could be one goddess.

                    Anyway, that's my effort at putting a bunch of words around this: "So there is the conundrum, am I pantheist or polytheist? I think I am both."

                    I am not a polytheist, but the concept sometimes resonates.
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                      It does indeed. And I totally agree, the divine is not distributed evenly, nor is it static. One might even think of it in terms of quantum physics, just by attempting to observe it you can change it's fundamental nature.


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                        The anthropological concept of participant observation might be of interest.

                        wiki article -

                        In essence, becoming accepted as the wacky outsider to such a degree that you're not treated as a guest and your observees lose their self-consciousness around you makes your observations less intrusive, and although you still perturb what you are observing, you get a closer-to-native experience.

                        I'm out of my mind, please leave a message...