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  • Pantheistic Core Belief

    As in I think this is where it stands for me.

    For a long time, even when I was an active Mormon, I believed that there was something greater than God. That everything; nature, the universe, everything; was something all it's own worthy of my notice and reverence. That we are all a part of that. That God is merely organizer and steward. In my mind then I believed God "answered to" nature, to the universe.

    Now I am uncertain of my views of Deity. I lean heavily towards not believing in any in a literal way. But my core is still that beliefe that nature, the universe, everything is... God? Yes and no. I suppose the way some view God. Something greater to me. Supreme. And it's not something I question which is odd for me because I question like some people pick scabs. It just seems like an obvious truth. Life, existence, the all is something, is it not? It simply is what it is for me.

    If I do literally believe in Deity beyond just being faces we put to human concepts (which I am not knocking. I fully believe that's beneficial to humans or, at least, can be. I know it is for me. If Pantheism is a core beliefe for me archetypes/symbology as means to deeper understanding is right next to it) it is as I did before- organizers and stewards. I have toyed with the idea, again maybe a part of my Mormon upbringing, that Deity as we perceive them are other beings evolved. Ancestors, even. Which would mean we have the potential for that evolution ourselves. Or we all die and cease to exist as we understand ourselves, easing back into the Whole. Either way we're Gods.

    I'm not sure I am a Pantheist in that I am not sure what I have just described falls under that. I do know that I am loving this forum and reading about all of the philosophies and thoughts and practices so thanks for that.

    I am putting this out there to get a better grasp on Pantheism as a whole through my lens but also to see if anyone else has a Pantheistic core they build off of in their beliefs and practices. I have noticed mostly that Pantheism takes center stage but for me, again if I am understanding it and myself correctly, it is the stage itself on which I build my set, rehearse my lines, etc etc.

    Now back to reading I go!
    Maggie in the Mead {blog}

    "I met a lady in the meads,
    Full beautiful - a faery’s child,
    Her hair was long, her foot was light,
    And her eyes were wild.
    -John Keats (La Belle Dame sans Merci)