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    Oh wow this got resurrected. I am a Lucky mojo grad and I got a lot out of it. I did do it at a time when you didn't have to buy much so I don't know what the requirements are now. I do think they seem a little excessive. But I think it's a solid course that gives you a great idea of what Hoodoo historically. As far as the whole talk to a black person thing. The whole point is to make sure you are actually willing to talk to black people. You'd be surprised at how often people feel uncomfortable. It happens with a lot of ATR's. No not every black person practices but the point of the gathering folk info is to get you to think in a more folkloric way. For example my friend doesn't practice but she accidentally brushed my feat with a broom and apologized because it was bad luck. That wasn't a spell or anything but it certainly counts. You could probably just read her pages and her forum if you just wanted info. Plus some grads do youtube videos like Madame Pamita for example.