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    Originally posted by Torey View Post
    I've been thirsting to get my hands on a Grant book for a while - I can't afford hundreds of dollars for a book, though.
    You and me both!, I'd say Grants books are interesting, even if you don't agree with him. If you find them too expensive, I know where you can download a few of his books, just let me know if you want the link .


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      I have read Luciferian Witchcraft, and sadly I was not a fan. To top it off, he rambled on and there were way too many grammatical errors and no editing. That was a big turn off and made me question whether he wanted to get the book out quickly and earn money or just pretend he knew everything and didn't care if it was edited or not.

      The information was interesting, but since it's a throwoff of Chaos Magick and other stuff, it's unique but not very sound in the sense of religion or spirituality, at least not for me.

      I definitely wouldn't recommend his books (although he did have quite a bit of interesting information), but to each his own.

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        Originally posted by David19 View Post
        You and me both!, I'd say Grants books are interesting, even if you don't agree with him. If you find them too expensive, I know where you can download a few of his books, just let me know if you want the link .
        It would be an understatement to say 'yes'! :hahugh:
        "Ihr seht nach oben, wenn ihr nach Erhebung verlangt. Und ich sehe hinab, weil ich erhoben bin." ~Friedrich Nietzsche


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          Originally posted by Semjaza View Post
          I wasn't sure whether I should stick this in Books or here, but oh well.

          Anyone have any thoughts on this guy or his books (Liber HVHI, Luciferian Witchcraft), etc? They looked intriguing...


          Interesting guy, he may come off as standoffish in person but that's just how he his, no malice there. You have to be willing to engage a conversation and be respectful of space.
          As for his books it really depends on where they are in his writing carrier, he's certainly improved. his earlier books aren't as deep or convey concepts of thought as well...
          the great thing about him is that his work shows itself, meaning that you can clearly see his own progress within what he writes.
          often, as mentioned his books suffer from time to time from typos and editing however on the other hand he goes back and shows for the cultures he draws from,
          why i have to give him credit for because most authors do not..... they instead are vague in their assumptions and even misleading.
          He considers himself Luciferian so we have some things in common, however, in many ways i see him as more Satanic than Luciferian.
          Though who would get ehat i mean will see it in his work.
          Also, he sometimes writes in opposition to Christianity which isn't my realm of interest personally.

          his books are varied, yet awwin that you have mentioned Semjaza, I recommend his book, "Adversarial Light: Magick of the Nephilim"

          Originally posted by Rudas Starblaze View Post
          ive never heard of him. but to be honest, to some people, Lucifer really has nothing to do with satanism. but, i will keep this here for those who would be interested. if you want, feel free to post an identical thread in books if ya want to. it wouldnt hurt!
          so what I'm hearing here, is that we need a Luciferian forum... :D

          likw i said though he does have some Satanic leanings.

          Originally posted by Russ View Post
          From what I know it's based off of Chaos Magick. So it could all be hogwash... The question is "How well does the hodwash work?"
          His books are so varied, some include chaos magick and others really don't....

          Originally posted by AnaRQy View Post
          Wow, a Satanism forum that's never heard of Michael Ford, and someone who'd never read anything he wrote yet calls his works hogwash? Quite interesting!

          Michael's books could be considered Satanic as most left hand path beliefs go, but his subject matter is about Predatory Spiritualism and Persian Sorcery aka Yatuk-Dinoih. The reason his book is called Luciferian Witchcraft is because the archetypes of Satan/Lucifer/Lilith are actually Hebrew representations of the Persian deities Ahriman/Az. So, Luciferian or Satanist is a term people understand in modern times, but the basis of his book predates Abrahamic religions.

          As for myself, I own every one of his books in hardcover, as well as the ritual musick he puts out under project names Black Funeral, Psychonaut 75, Hexentanz, and Ordo Tyrannis. For more details on his works, please visit

          Ave Satanas!
          He is known in the LHP community and attends the LHP conference, however he isn't that well know to people who know of the LHP, yet aren't really interacting with that community.
          He is a niche author, though not strongly a niche author.
          I wouldn't call his works hogwash, i may interpret things differently at times but ford does go back do his research.
          He's also come a long way from his earlier works so people should keep that in mind.

          Yes he is an archetypalist.
          Lucifer is Roman not Hebrew.
          On that note while he does talk about and embrace Luciferian concepts I would often characterize him as more Satanic in nature,
          He talks about useful concepts yet often comes from a place of opposing Christianity.... when I'm interested in Luciferianism outside of that shadow.
          so we 9the auther and I0 are in two different places in that regard, but that just means we are on a different path.

          Originally posted by AnaRQy View Post
          The funny thing is that LaVey was secretly Theistic. He knew there was something more to the energy he was tapping into than pure psychodrama.

          An interesting, albeit slightly biased, read on the early years of the Church of Satan, as well as some of the rituals pre-Satanic Bible:

          Good for historical purposes, if not for a more behind the scenes look at the Church of Satan.
          That is a big claim with just as much validity as saying Crowley was x or y,
          Truth his, most magicians who make their mark go back and forth exploring paradigms,
          while settling on a modus operandi. So i can see him exploring both positions,
          though he clearly set up his institution and teachings as atheistic.

          Originally posted by BlackMagicalCat View Post
          I have a copy of his book. The Azal,ucel Edition

          I dont think it is wise,,to call forth Satan(or anyone else) in any ritual,,if you think he is not real.Your wasting your time.

          Praising him,,hailing him,,when to you,,he doesnt exist,,to me,,seems foolish.

          A name in the Occult,,matters.The energy you are connecting to comes from somewhere,,and just because you think Satan,,in his many forms and names,,does not exist,,doesnt mean he doesnt.

          So if you pledge your aliegance to him,and borrow his name,,and call yourself by his name,,dont be surprised if he comes to claim that which has been pledged to him.That which is called by his name.

          You are servant to the God you invoke in ritual and or prayer.You are not greater than Satan,,he is greater than you.

          And Satan doesnt like to give up that which belongs to him.

          Its no different than,,,invoking santa claus,,or the easter bunny in a ritual,,if you thought they were not real.If you call yourself a Satanists,,the name you use and are borrowing,,belongs to someone..although it is not his only name.

          There is energy and power when you invoke the name of Satan,,and the power comes from somewhere other than from you.

          Some brands of satanism,,is nothing more than part of the christian religion,,without a God to oppose and a bible to read backwards,,you wouldnt have a religion.You wouldnt be able to call yourself a satanists,,if the name satan wasnt in the bible,and you would have to find another God to oppose.

          You took his name,,the name you call yourself by,,from the scriptures.(bible)

          It would be just like praying,,in the name of the Father,,the Son,,and the Holy Spirit,,amen,,and then claiming you didnt really believe in them. You just gutted your own prayer.

          It seems to me,,some people,,like to be thought of as bad,,and tough,,so they embrace the name,,Satan,,and call themself,,satanists,,while knowing nothing about to whom,,that name belongs to.

          Thats what I think.
          How did you come across his book? That is interesting to me as you clearly to be of an entirely different worldview than he is, not understanding the paradigm he is coming from.
          That's bout all i can, or rather choose to say in reply right now.

          Originally posted by Stormbeard View Post
          That's the most long winded way of saying "That's just your opinion" ever.

          Basically, yes I find ritual pointless. With the exception of meditation as a relaxation technique, ritual serves the same purpose as prayer. To give you the feeling you are doing/have done something when you have really done nothing.
          well you are doing the same thing, such as your opinion that ritual serves the same purpose of prayer. That is a broad stoke and one I disagree with if we are comparing the aims of most people who pray with those of magicians.
          Now if you define what you mean by each and its conclusion you might be a ble to make a more valid comparison.

          Originally posted by David19 View Post
          Thanks for that link, I've actually downloaded quite a few of his books (not Luciferian Witchcraft, unfortunely), he has some interesting ideas, I wouldn't say I follow his path, but, he does have some interesting ideas (BTW, Sage, if you want the link to download them, I'll send you a PM).

          And, I also think he's quite hot, so you're not alone there .
          Well you aren't meant to follow his path you're meant to follow your path... because after-all we are talking about Luciferianism.

          Originally posted by Deerwoman View Post
          Someone who read too much Paul Huson, Osman-Spare, Chumbley, Cochrane, and Michael Howard and thought he could capitalize on it. Amalgamations of other's works not worth the money in my honest opinion. Might as well read the source material instead :goodgrief
          To be fair, he is speaking to a different audience and he knows it. Those who know of the authors mentioned and have the resources to acquire those texts, probably don't need Ford to guide them through it.
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