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Luciferian Star Trek episode

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  • Luciferian Star Trek episode

    I watched a Star Trek Animated Series episode (on disc 2) titled " The Magicks of Megas-Tu." I have to wonder how many fundamentalist mommies were traumatized when this aired on Saturday morning cartoons. :D

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    The animated series was to quick a flash in the pan to make much of an impression on anybody and probably would not have been able to compete among it's target audience with Josie and Pussycats in Outer Space at any rate
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      ummmmm... Josie was hot!
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        I loved Josie and the Pussiecats, and the bannana splits! also, Speed buggie was popular then too
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          Not to mention I have a feeling the mommies who would freak our over such things wouldn't let their children watch Saturday morning cartoons in the first place.
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