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  • Experiences with Satan

    This question is for those who believe Satan is a real entity/deity/being.

    Have you had personal experiences with Satan ? What was it like?

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    I suppose my first experiences of Satan were purely intellectual and probably began many years ago. In the course of my spiritual path and general growth as a person I kept finding myself drawn back to Satan and Satanic ideas. There was much that rang true for me but I always backed away because I was full of the same prejudices and misconceptions that I suppose most people are. My next "experience" was in a kind of waking dream or vision where I saw Satan as the archetypal Horned God of Paganism but forced to stay in the shadows due to all the malicious slander that was associated with his name. Following that I decided to re-investigate the whole topic of Satanism and while there was plenty that I disagreed with, I agreed with much more than I expected. However, I came to understand that any Satanist is an individual and there is really no compulsory rule book or scripture that unites all Satanists other than perhaps a desire for self gnosis and self improvement. Shortly after that I accepted that I was in essence a Satanist, and performed a short and simple ritual to mark that fact.

    Following that I very soon felt his presence in a very physical way. It was a little unnerving but not frightening or unpleasant. To me his energy feels very primal and masculine yet filled with wisdom. I felt as if I was a car having a tune up, or as if my internal graphic equalizer was being re-set subtly. I noticed a few slight changes in attitude and priorities, and even some small but pleasant physical changes. But it wasn't as if something was being done to me. It was a joint effort over which I had a veto at any time. And I guess that process is continuing.
    His presence is powerful and I dare say would not be to everybody's taste.
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      Like Cassie, I had misconceptions and preconceived notions of "Satanism" that were erroneous and startled me when I first found myself drawn to the Satanic. My experiences didn't begin with Satan Himself, but with various Demonic entities when I was called to the path of Demonolatry. Satan Himself only came to me later - rather unexpectedly - during a Shamanic journey. I encountered Him as just a man of somewhat dark complexion with black curly hair, stockily built and honestly rather jovial. He introduced Himself to me and I was perplexed as to what it was He wanted (having preconceptions, though unfortunate, that He was not to be trusted). He laughed and was amused that I distrusted Him initially - although He didn't chide me about it. He indicated that He had claimed me - and I soon came to understand Him and the rest is history really.

      I am a firm believer in the notion that deities/entities/spiritual beings do not always manifest to every person in the exact same way. For instance, a being may manifest itself as a Polar Bear to one person and a monster to another. It's difficult to speculate as to what Satan's "actual" being "looks" like outside of His theophanies to those who have encountered Him.

      But I have only really "encountered" Satan Himself, as in what I would insist is as close to "physical" as possible, within the context of Shamanic journey. Inviting Satan into ritual is something else entirely - and as Cassie has pointed out, His presence can be overwhelming. I find it interesting that, even though there is not necessarily an inherent "connection" between Satan and what I refer to as Demons, They all seem to emanate an almost chaotic energy - very strong. I have had experiences in which I felt dizzy due to the quality of the vibrations within the environment when Demons were present. Just an observation.
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