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  • Who is LHP?

    How many people here would describe themselves as Left Hand Path?
    I am one. I know there is at least one other.

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    Originally posted by Anima Nera View Post
    How many people here would describe themselves as Left Hand Path?
    I am one. I know there is at least one other.
    One other? I have no idea who you could mean! :mmm:
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      Now technically I have two hands but my right one isn't bound....
      I get classified as being left hand and that's just fine, nor is it untrue.
      .Depending on what we are calling RHP however, i feel like we are forced into a categorization not our own.
      We end up being the adversarial force not because we are militant (some are) but because we are seen as the tasteless "other".

      I'm more of the middle path, truthfully however that's a different context and culture.
      A very different position i think than many who consider themselves LHP find them in.

      I recognize the carnal and the transcendent.
      I recognize an inter-dependent ecosystem however i know I have to get my shit together first, being of little help without inner locus.
      I recognize both the objective and subjective, and see a higher truth through their union.

      I work with gods, with mutual respect and despite them being their own, i hold to the following:

      "There is no god but man, and no man but god"

      I see the fire of the gods within man, making us gods in our out right, and that fire is respected by the entities i work with, many of them being torchbearers.

      I do recognize a supreme being as it were, but understand that we are talking a non-interventionist awareness beyond the sum of the parts of the pantheism- and this being
      is depicted in the form of a giant winged serpent, the thundering Ukten, how Quetzalcoatl came to be depicted as the mound builders migrated and integrated into Cherokee, and surrounding cultures.

      That's a sharp conrast, when you put a symbol of gnosis as the Most High..... not that Yahweh ever was. In the Canaanite pantheon that would have been Ehieh / El, the wisde god of the burning bush.
      Moses totally had the serpent thing going on.

      EDIT: is it worth mentioning that i did go to the 2nd Annual LHP con?
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      (Cherokee medicine practitioner of left and right hand paths) - The Anikutani Tradition