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What is Shamanism?

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    Originally posted by MonSno_LeeDra View Post
    I maybe wrong for others but I find for myself that many "Shamans" are rather reclusive and loners to a great extent. At times a part of their society but also seperated from it to a certain degree, literaly on the fringes.

    I find for myself that I serve my community from a removed facet more often than an actual hands on perspective. I usually end up in conversation with or helping others on an indiviudal basis. I do not seek it out but will be in a place and the conversation turns to some item that the person is having trouble with and it just comes forth.

    I frequently end up in the woods with a group and i'll say something or do something and it will trigger a conversation on the Green People, The Winged Ones, the Two Legs or Four Legs, etc. Sometime I find I get questioned about why does the earth feel this way or that way in a given area. What can we (collectively) do to fix it.

    Many times I feel removed or seperated from the people about me and find solace in the woods. Yet as I move threw the woods I feel sensations from the land and animals of things that need to be done. Some times its a spiritual thing almost like a light to open a doorway to cross over other times like a shield to force something out or away.

    For many years it was as the warrior. That service to land and people done via the military service. Yet the global trek also introducing me to various other forms of shamanic belief and influences.

    For me I seldom use the term to describe myself, but have several friends who use the term to describe me to others.

    This really strikes a chord with me. I've been doing my thing for several years now and have never thought about putting any names to it. I'm now reading a lot of stuff about shamanism and thinking 'oh, that's what I do'. It's a weird sort of revelation.

    I don't interact with my community as such but whoever or whatever needs me always finds me. It happens how it's supposed to happen and that's it. I've trusted in that for years.
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      Shamanism is the next step after Sorcery.

      Sorcery is when you use magickal tools and rituals and all that jazz.

      Shamanism is the same thing, but all your tools and rituals are used on the astral.

      So in a nutshell, Shamanism is when you preform your magick on your astral.
      All Shamans eventually need to carve out their corner of the astral and design their own temple. This is something that becomes stronger and more vivid as you use it. The ultimate goal is to create this protected secret temple somewhere on the astral & be able to project consciousness, or straight up leave your body and visit that temple & preform all magick work there.

      I know one Shaman. He tells me how he's been designing, modifying & using this astral temple every day for almost 10 years. The imagery has become so vivid, its practically real even in conscious states. In the temple there is a wheel thats spinning. All he needs to do is project his awareness to his temple, grab this wheel & he is instantly pulled out his body and lands on the floor inside the temple. Essentially its all the mechanisms for an instant OBE.


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        Originally posted by Philosophia View Post
        What is Shamanism?
        In my humble opinion, shamanism is, as others have said, not a path in and of itself. However, a path can be shamanic in nature, as mine is.

        Shamanism is the practice of communicating, and working, with spirits. However, here we must define what a spirit is. I define the word 'spirit' as any nonphysical entity; the consciousness of a living physical thing.

        Through this practice, the shaman builds intimate relationships with specific spirits, called spirit allies. Through these relationships, the shaman is able to perform such things as healing, finding wild game, ending droughts, attacking enemies, etc.

        I do not know much about kitchen witchcraft, but hedgewitchery is definitely shamanic in nature. Magic is working with energies, shamanism is working with spirits; and hedgewitchery seems to be a combination of the two. In many ways, my own path can be seen as hedgewitchery.