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    Not sure what other people call them but the Contraries are one of the groups that I see mainly in the Native American nations but seldom encounter in other groups. Granted contrary is not the correct word but it is the most often seen translated word I come across for they are contrary to the natural roles in the social roles. That could be the trans-gendered in it's truest sense, it could be the women who were part of the warrior clans but not considered transgendered or inversely males who took women's roles but again not considered transgendered but actively pursued those roles. Not sure how it works but there is also, as it was explained to me so not sure if its completely accurate, of stepping out of ones clan or caste role but getting sort of a shamming or loss of face / honor. Sort of like being born to a warrior clan and refusing it and then being banished. Because they were banished and shamed it was potentially part of a death type scenario and rebirth.