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Shaman Contacting Me During Ritual?

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  • Shaman Contacting Me During Ritual?

    For the past several times I've tranced in ritual, I've sensed a shaman or group of shamans contacting me. I get the impression this person or people might be Asian. I sense this less during regular meditation and more during trance and energy raising. There is just a general impression of someone wanting to work with me. Thought I'd post something here in case you wanted to contact me more directly. So if you have been trying to reach a slightly plump, middle-aged, redheaded Celtic seer and martial artist, I'm here. Let me know more specifically what you want that energy for.
    The forest is my church.

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    Just as a discussion facet but it might be your "Shamanic Wife" that you are sensing. Well as a female your husband spirit actually and not a wife though most just know it as a "Shamanic Wife".


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      I hadn't thought of that, but it's certainly a possibility. I look into it more, next time I meditate or do ritual.
      The forest is my church.


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        "Don't lie to us. You can't lie to us here. We know. The colours tell us straight away."

        "I am fed up with trying to talk to people, who do not want my help. Man wants to die. Who are we to deny him that...any of us? It will be better for us that it end, and then we can start again. Let the World Destroyers have their way. Let it fall. I will not fight it any more."

        Don't mind me, Star. Your OP just reminded me of a conversation I had during my first LSD trip, last November.
        "I worship the greatly beautiful one, with limbs the colour of thunderclouds, who is naked and sits on the corpse of Shiva, who has three eyes and earrings made of the bones of two young handsome boys, who is garlanded with skulls and flowers. In her lower left and upper right hands she holds a man's head and a sword, her other two hands bestowing boons and banishing fear. Her hair is greatly dishevelled."

        -- Chapter 13, The
        Brihad Nila Tantra.


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          I don't think the OP will see this as she has not been logged in since Mar 2011. Perhaps a fly by without logging in but I doubt that.