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seeing a Dragonfly at night

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  • seeing a Dragonfly at night

    A couple of days ago, my mom noticed a buzzing and a thumping sound, like something was banging on the window. She looked around outside and found what was making the noise. She called me over. It was the biggest dragonfly I had ever seen and it kept slamming into our sliding glass door like it wanted to get inside our house. It wasn't afraid of us. It landed on the screen door and sat there for five minutes. This was around 8:50pm at night. So my question is, does anyone know if seeing dragonflies at night is rare? I thought they usually are out in the daytime. I also felt that it was trying to communicate something to me. I have a feeling it could be my Totem.

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    That sounds so beautiful that she wanted to see you , i dont know if they are usually around at night ... i have never seen a dragon fly myself so you are really lucky to have seen her


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      You see them at dusk and just after buzzing around. It's fairly common. Much less than daytime but....

      Dragonflies are my right hand totem and I am always seeing them in the oddest places doing the oddest thing, so you may well be right. They seek you out if they belong to you.
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