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Self-healing though Uncrossing Rituals and Psychic Self-Protection

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  • Self-healing though Uncrossing Rituals and Psychic Self-Protection

    I've been a shamanic practitioner for over five years now and have been trying to fight off some kind of curse that's been cast on me, from whom I don't know. The source may be super natural. On a trip to Teotihuacan I picked up a stone at the foot of the pyramid of the sun in Mexico. I brought that stone back since the beginning of my shamanic calling, or what appeared to be one at first. Today, I don't know where I stand, whether or not i'm a shaman. That depends on the people that come to me to be healed. I'm not well experimented in that regard, for i've only worked within my family.

    But i've been doing a lot to safeguard my own stral space through the construction and application of a personal psychic shield, fueled by prayer and visualization. This brings a powerful wall of protection. I take ritual baths that make me feel cleansed and consecrated, sanctified, and blessed by the time I come out. But it seems like someone else's psychic dreck is interfearing with my life. I burn copal, dragon's blood, and church incense to dissipate negativity and wiped myself down with vineger, holy water, and Velacion de los Siete Nudos, which is a red liquid aura cleaner. I brush myself with a bundle of hierba buena leaves, particularly on my Crown chakra and the torso. I also cleanse myself with an egg and also put an egg in each corner of each room to keep it free of evil.

    In the fight against demons, I use the word of god to put a hault to their perfidious designs. I pray out of several devotionaries, particularly Allen Kardec's selected prayers which is a must read for any healer, medium, or spiritualist. I definately still journey from time to time in ceremonial settings but on my own. I use the Ritual de la Adoracion Nocturna Mexicana which is a great book and great ritual which I really enjoy being a part of. It's a guidebook to practicing Adoracion Nocturna of the Santisimo Sacramento which is Christ's eucharistic altar. I don't believe the Aztec gods to be demons of gods that deserve respect. I'm heavily influenced my mesoamerican beliefs regarding the soul and destiny according to the tonalpohualli and the aztec cosmovision.

    I devote much of my time taking care of the spirits in my altar by journeying to allies in the lower world or in my sacred garden. Here I receive self-healing and advice from my protectors and guides. I've prayed fervently to those forces and have tried to align with their intent to do their good works in this world, to manifest spirit, but ill health has definately limited my ability. But I still want to be a Curandero, Shaman, or Witch Doctor, whichever term you'd prefer.

    One major source of knowledge and wisdom is your local Botanica or Incense and Oil stores, metaphysical or occult bookstores. Use the products you think might bring you a lasting effect. I've tried many suck products and have been blessed in many invisible allies that see my interest in such things as off to a good start. My own intuitions are guided by an external force of tremendous power. It manifests itself in my life and in my dreams. But there are those that are working against me that I don't know who, but they're out there, and if it's not someone carnate then it must be some incarnate or perhaps the nature spirits trying to tell me something. My retreat is definately the beach where I gather sea water to wash my walls with or the mountains where I find power objects for my medicine bundle. I use holy water and oil. and soon consecrated salt (if I could find it).

    I think I have some kind of spiritual practice under my wing but I don't exactly know what to qualify the tradition as. Perhaps Mexican-American Curanderismo or Shamanism. I practice meditation and prayer daily and do many small rituals that are simply repetitive formulas that pursue a certain intent through will. Symbolic gestures or telesmatic images. Do you as a member of this board have any advice for me that would go in harmony with what I have written above. What products should I need to buy. What's a good offering to make to the spirits. What are some techniques for contacting then. What are your favorite rituals or ceremonies. Do you have religious beliefs? I want to know if there's anyone else like me that likes to be a bit in advance while safeguarding their own spiritual well-being and peace. I also light white altars candles that are kept going perpetually for many many years. May it give me the light I seek. Peace.