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Core Beliefs of Wicca

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    Originally posted by Lunacie View Post
    Hi Kreyas, welcome to the Wicca forum.

    Interesting list you've shared. I don't necessarily agree with all of them, but just wanted to comment on #1. I bump heads with the gods at times, I think most people do. We're not sock puppets eh? Sometimes we learn more from the mistakes we make than we do from following the will of the gods (as we understand it).

    As long as we're not repeating the same mistake endlessly, the gods smile and pat us on the back and say "You're getting there, keep trying."
    I'm not afraid to tell the gods to f-k off once in a while, but then again there's consequences for doing so. I just try to know how far I can push the line. Sometimes the gods kindly ask (which confuses me) to do something. I figure they asked nicely so why not.
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