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    This is a great thread, sticky it! Covens are not always easy to find.

    Any in Portland Oregon? It is a possible relocal spot for me...


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      or FL, that's the other possibility... >.>;;; or I might stay here... Cheers to not knowing what the future holds!!! lol


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        I'm looking for a coven in Great Falls, Montana. Any chance of that happening?
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          As requested, this thread is now Sticky.

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            Seven year old women's Wiccan coven in the Los Angeles area, here. Structured, three degrees, initiatory. We're small, close-knit, and "drama" free- we've all been practicing over ten years, but also offer beginning classes for dedicants. We're organized, plan our calendar for the year in December, and respect eachothers time.

            Also, I am a co-owner of a women's social group- mostly online, but we get together sometimes for parties and sometimes circles. Links are in my signature.
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              Coven In Calgary??

              I'm looking for a close nit face to face Coven in Calgary.

              I found a few on Witchvox but you have to start out online for most of them.
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                I'm looking for a BTW group. Gardnerian, Alexandrian, Mohsian, Blue Star, any trad. I just want to make it clear that I am looking for a legitimate, lineaged initiatory coven. I WILL be wouching via Amber & Jet to confirm any potential teachers are who they say they are.

                I live in Bloomington, IL. I would be absolutely shocked if there were not any traditional covens in one of the near cities:

                Bloomington-Normal, IL
                Peoria, IL
                Champaign-Urbana, IL
                Springfield, IL
                Chicagoland, IL
                St. Louis, MO

                I am willing to travel as far as any of these cities. I cannot stress enough how hard I plan to work and dedicate myself to the Craft; I simply need a worthy teacher. If you are in the area, or know someone who is, PLEASE tell me ASAP. I'm waiting for you.


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                  I'm looking for a coven in Portland, Oregon. Irish Celtic, general Celtic, or green/hedge/cottage. I'm flexible. :D It'd be a plus if there are younger members, too, but I'm okay with being the youngest!


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                    Originally posted by Dancing Rain Wolf View Post
                    I'm also looking for a coven in the Tampa area. Preferably Family friendly, but adult will do. I've tried WitchVox and didn't exactly come up with anything that fits my needs.
                    You as well? I was surprised how few covens we have here.


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                      The group I facilitate is called Seekers of the Stones and we are located near Napavine, Washington, and here is a bit of information.
                      We are a teaching group with the intent of broadening our spiritual horizons. We work intently with the Elementals and flow in the web of our Shamanic journey's as well as celebrating Celtic traditions and spirituality. We embrace friendships and nurture family, seeing each other as a family group being formed. We believe everyone has valuable information to teach us and that we are all students in the path of life. Currently our group includes weekly classes, arts and crafts, gardening projects, volunteer activities, social outings as well as Esbats and Sabbaths. As the wheel turns so will the activities as we plan them according to the season. We are open to the public on a learning basis, and upon interview and a decision by the core members one may become initiated to the inner portions of our group. To partake of our classes and rituals, one doesn't need to be a part of our group, but will need to follow specific requirements and be able to follow the rules accordingly. Families are welcome. For more information about the classes to be held, and the different educational possibilities.
                      May you always walk in Love, Light and knowledge.