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    I do not have a wand and I never used one before. But now I'm really thinking about getting one. I will probably make it myself.

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      I have one wand. It is made of an oak branch with a spiral carving going up the middle. It also has oak leaves, a pentagram, and a symbol for security and strength burned into it. It was a lovely gift from my dad, his way of telling me he was proud of me for choosing my own path.


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        I have two. One is a general purpose runestick wand with a core of mistletoe. The other is specialized as a spirit chaser. It's designed to affect non material entities and I use it whenever I want to summon a servitor. It could also be used for exorcism, though I've been fortunate enough not to need it for this to date.


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          I do have a wand and I did make it myself. I haven't used it yet however I intend to do some once I am more knowlegable.


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            We just moved across the country, so everything had to go. It was a good purging session, getting rid of the old and unused.
            I had a wand, but I've never used wands in practice, it was always my pointer finger of my right hand, I even had an athame, but still used my finger.
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