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Lughnasadh Help? Need beach-side ritual ideas

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  • Lughnasadh Help? Need beach-side ritual ideas

    Hello, fellow Wiccans!

    Circumstances have it so I am down at the Jersey Shore for this Lammas and devoid of any inspiration for ritual. I'd really like to celebrate and I have the whole day but what I associate with Lammas/Lughnasadh is not what I associate with my current location.

    My interpretation of Lammas is the harvest, bountiful lands, and Fall. There is none of that to be found down here. I was thinking some kinda of Ocean baptismal-style dunk but really I need some help.

    Just some context: I'm staying at a beach house and I can't really get too fancy but I did bring down tarot cards, Goddess cards, a pentacle disk, and a black candle. Not much, I know! I can get to, say, the grocery store but not a metaphysical supply shop, unfortunately.


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    the beach is a PERFECT place for Lughnassa. It was celbrated with GAMES! Beach volley ball anyone? surfing/swimming at dawn? or a fire on the beach?

    We always have a cook out, and as it celebrated the first harvest of the grains, we usually have a corn roast with lots of BEER and sausages.... I usually make a bread salad as well.. that's a big loaf of tuscan bread hollowed out. chop up really ripe tomatoes and bell peppers and maybe some cukes and dress with nice olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh basil and the chopped up 'bread guts" dump it all back into the hollowed out bread....

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