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    i can understand where you are coming from.. i have been on the pagan path for over 7 years now.. over a year and a half ago, ileft the coven i was in.. because i didnt connect to it anymore, it all felt like a show people were putting on rather than a spiritual connection.. then i just didnt do any magic...

    then i ended a bad relationship.. met a man online.. moved to hawaii , got married and started my life over.. big changes... at first i tried to bring him into my path.. we found a group that was very eclectic.. too eclectic.. one extreme to another, the energy didnt flow.. so we left it,, and havent practiced since last samhain..

    well yesterday we went down to the beach and i asked him if he wanted to rededicate himself to the god and goddess and we did a simple little ceremony on the beach.. we arent going to do any formal rituals and castings.. we are just going to honor nature more.. honor ourselves and the God and Goddess in simple ways..

    we lit a little fir pine wand my friend gave to me, annointed ourselves with peppermint oil for a renewed spirit and beginning and blessed each other with the water from the ocean.. we sat their a did some deep breathing and then gave an offering to the sea and said our gratitudes.. then we went home and well had some amazing sex haha.. i know TMI...but i felt more connected to the goddess and god in those few hours then i did all year

    i think its all about honoring the way that is most natural to you! we dont need the trappings.. but i love oils and incense.. the water is from the sea, it was all a way to bring the elements into our lives naturally.. we didnt cast a circle or anything fancy.. there were other people on the beach in the distance.. but we felt safe and it was so simple we didnt bring attention to ourselves

    that was better than calling quaters, dressing up in robes, raising an energy cone and all that hooplah..

    it was just connecting to the earth and thats all we need. is to keep it simple or do what works for you..not what others may handfeed to you