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Do witches pray?

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    Originally posted by Sage Rainsong View Post
    I have often heard it said that witches do not pray. When they want something, they will for it to happen rather than ask their respective deities. Other people say that prayer is simply talking to the gods and so many witches pray all of the time. So what do you think MW? Is their any truth in the statement, a witch never prays?
    Well, not all prayer is supplication.
    But, even so, I see no reason why a witch would not pray, provided that they are theistic.


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      i know i pray almost everyday.

      Sometimes, you just have to go with your gut

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        Although I am not Wiccan which Diane Sylvan is, I did find her book rather good reading. I am a witch and practice witchcraft and do not worship any deities, but I have been able to adapt her prayers and devotionals to give respect and honor those I work with. I also found a book by Galina Krasskova and Raven Kaldera Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitioner very good too in that respect. It is a book of prayer, devotional practice, and the Nine worlds of Spirit for the Norse practitioner.

        Originally posted by Snapdragon View Post
        Without a definition of 'pray' and 'prayer', any response is not going to be terribly meaningful.

        That said, the best discussion of this by a witch that I've found, is by Diane Sylvan in her excellent little book, The Circle Within. I commend it to you.


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          As of my beliefs now.. I pray. I pray to the Sacred, I pray to my Goddesses, I pray to my higher self etc..


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            I don't pray to any particular God or Goddess but I do often pray to, what I like to call, my Source.


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              Yes, I pray all the time.
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                Yes, all witches pray - that is essentially what spellcraft is, IMHO. An epic prayer. :P

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                  I don't pray to any deities, but I do pray to nature and any spirits that may be lurking in there.

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