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What do you call your book of spells?

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    Originally posted by EntwinedScylla View Post
    Not exactly true. There are still innocent people being killed as witches all over the world, and a rising tide of "witch hunts" against children in Africa.
    -Raises hand- South African here, and yes we've had a bit of this in the news. Unfortunately the, well let's face it, black South African's definition and use of the word "witch" is very different to the western definition.

    Originally posted by LadyDryad View Post
    I call mine my blue's a blue coil bound notebook. The one before that was my red book.

    It guessed
    I love this. It makes me think of the blue book of fairy tales, the red book of fairy tales, etc.
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      BoS. Maybe it sounds fluffy to some people, but I always liked "Book of Shadows"; it sounds secret and close, and (to me at least) generates an undercurrent of uncertainty - because not everything secret is safe and comfortable to do or to know.

      IMO, anyway.
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        Originally posted by Bloodkitten View Post
        [COLOR=Magenta]South African's definition and use of the word "witch" is very different to the western definition.
        It's the same as it used to be for Westerners - someone who does harmful magic. Someone who works with evil spirits to do evil things. It's only been in the last 50-ish years that it's changed to "Wicca good and love the earth and woman power"

        "witch" is still the word used, and still conjures up scary things. People here still believe some of the same things that some people in your corner of the world do.

        Unfortunately, some American Witches tend to lack some of that tact and forethought of "only discuss things like this with people you know aren't going to stone you to death in the woods". Hence my suggestion that in this day and age the "NEED" to hide things may be more about the tact and good sense to keep some things personal and private.

        Back to "Books" - There's a section in my "book" which is thoughts and musings on this very topic. Great quotes from pagan elders, great quotes from fellow witches and the admonitions of my mentor who's ideas about secrecy were encapsulated by the fact that his own wife was unaware of his practices (she finally caught on when one of her pagan-ish co-workers described Esbats - she realized her husband was either a werewolf, or a witch... :uhhuhuh: ).

        I'm currently helping a friend assemble her own book, she may call it yet another name from what I call mine. Just like my former student called his something entirely different and filled with with evocative drawings rather than evocative text. I believe his was a "Wraithbook".


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          Right now I call mine a "Book of Magic". Although it's not so much a book as a file folder on my computer (which I call "compy"). I would love to have a physical book some day but right now convenience is an overriding factor.
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            Originally posted by Willowbark View Post
            Right now I call mine a "Book of Magic". Although it's not so much a book as a file folder on my computer (which I call "compy"). I would love to have a physical book some day but right now convenience is an overriding factor.
            Hah I love "compy"...I keep a computerized file that I call my Book of Words (just didn't know what else to call it). It is a book of words! Otherwise I have too many little books floating around: a pink book for tarot study, a green book for dream recall, etc. and every week or so I try to combine the most important and method-based stuff into my computer book (the Master book if you will).


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              "Word Pad" on my PC, I dont have a hand written one. I only write them on paper if I am going to use them...then I burn the written spell. If it works I will use it again, if not I delete it from word pad and try something else. I may decide one day to write certain ones down in a journal of some type to pass down to my daughter.

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                I just call mine the Grimoire


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                  Well I have used grimoire and Book of Shadows...mostly when I am feeling in a fun pagan mood. I keep a few books mostly notebooks where I randomly jot down ideas from uses of a certain herb, to rituals or how to interpret cards, so I guess journal applies to those but I just say my notebook. My actual "book" which is more digitial than written atm, I give an actual name, Appalachiad, its what it always been called since I began seriously keeping one. The physical book changes from time to time but the spirit always tranfers.

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                    I call mine my Book of Shadows, however, I am thinking of changing things up so that any solar working I do I will record in a Book of Light and keep all the Lunar workings in the Book of Shadows. At the moment *most* of what I have recorded is on my puter ~ time to become more disciplined and take the time to record by hand what I have learned on my path thus far. :bigredgri


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                      I just call my various notebooks Spell Book. They are all Spell Book. Lol. I am really liking Blue Book and Red Book, though. Brown Book may be in my future. I don't really understand keeping my book secret. Then again, I have nothing to hide, but I also don't just keep my spiritual items out and about for all to see. If someone asks based on what is out, I will show them if they are earnest in wanting to learn. Frankly, as far as keeping my religion a secret goes, most people assume that I practice whatever they do. I simply don't correct them if it doesn't seem important at the time. If people ask me, instead of assuming, I tell them the truth. I will answer their questions or explain what my beliefs are. Ignorance is the enemy of my religion. Ignorance and fear breed hate.
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                        BoS: Book of Stars. Because first time I saw "BoS", even though I had heard of the "correct" name, I just slipped out the stars part. It fits, I think because I've always wished/reflected by starlight, and I've always felt more drawn to stars, and they are a major part of my life, and the BoS is the major part of where I chronicle my journey and ideas.

                        I have Tarot Journal/Notebook, Rune Journal/Notebook, etc as well, which I use as a more indepth study, a focused notebook. I use them to keep track of certain readings and reflections and meditations before or as an alternative to putting it in my BoS.
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                          My Umm...This One'll Do...*grabs notebook at random and scribbles down notes*

                          All joking aside, I do call it a Book of Shadows. I started off Wiccan and old habits die hard. Plus it sounds mysterious and appeals to all five of my scorpios.

                          I sometimes call it a 'grimoire' in the same voice I say 'boudoir' when I mean my bedroom.
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                            I don't really do spells, but i do use diction... it depends on what you mean though it isn't characteristic of how spells tend to be presented.

                            I call mine a nvwoti digohwedi, however nobody can ever pronounce that so in relation to others i call it a grimoire of shadows.
                            it is a 5" think black binder at the moment.
                            I also have a white binder that has family recipes and traditions of a less hidden nature, of get-togethers and such.
                            Whereas the black book is that of medicine adept, its recipes are for healing the four bodies, not cuisine.
                            in truth the white book is more of a cookbook, we like to eat.
                            in the black book of course i do have seasonal recipes for the ceremonies.

                            Sometimes i refer to my black book as a Grimoire of Shades, referring to the communication with certain entities, ancestors and embodying certain concepts and experiences passed down.
                            what we do there affects ourselves and the next generation. Though "shadows" is more common a description, traditional witches will often talk of shades however I'm not sure how may who read Cunningham, Buckland or Starhawk would understand what I mean by that.
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                              This is one of my favorite things to talk about and read about and watch youtube videos on! I call mine a Grimoire because I love the archaic sound of the word. It just sounds old and knowledgeful to me. I will at times call it a Book of Shadows also but since I'm not wiccan any longer I try to go with Grimoire. I just tend to thing Book of Shadows is easier to say than Grimoire for some reason - LOL!

                              So to build on the original question do you show your finished pages to people or do you keep them all private? I know some like to show their pages and some feel that they shouldn't be shared.

                              I only have one book but it is four composition books hot glued together. I am still working on the cover and the spine. I put anything I want to in it including spells, herbs, crystals, dreams, feelings, pictures, etc. In the next couple of weeks I hope to get the cover finished.

                              If anyone feels comfortable enough sharing what theirs looks like and/or some pages inside, I would love to see them! I don't have pictures of mine, but will share if I ever remember to take pictures!