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Traditional Witches: Where do you get your influences?

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  • Traditional Witches: Where do you get your influences?

    Just wondering where ya'll get your influences and inspirations from. Mine is a mixture of family traditions, my ancestors and traditions of the land (area). (which could very well interchange with family traditions, ha)

    My grandmother was a stout Christian..however upon looking at her and the way she did things, it was very folk magicy, heh. Mainly that would be family traditions passed down.

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    From my mother who has a very strong sense of intuition and psychic abilities...and my german Grandmother who pretty much lived in her Garden and preferred natural healing. They both are Lutheran (Christian) but there are certain things about them that stand out as very witchy to me. :uhhuhuh:

    Also I have Haitian relatives that practiced Voodou.


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      Like you Herbal Legends and TuathaSidhe, most of my knowledge came from my grandmother.. Devote Christian, midwife, herbalist, healer ... She passed when I was 16 but luckily she had 3 sisters who survived her for almost 10 yrs. So, I learned a lot from them as well. I have worked home health and hospice in the same area and have been able to connect with several older generation and they have all been great about sharing..