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Luciferian Witchcraft: an introduction.

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  • Luciferian Witchcraft: an introduction.

    Hail Azazal! by whom the fire of the Dryghten
    comes into the four-fold heart and soul of man,
    by mineral and vegetable, by beastial and intellectual
    complete is the round of our vessel - the chariot wheel
    Through the works of consecrated iron and steal
    our Nephesh is ready to receive a fifth-part.
    The Watchers brought the fire of awareness into the human heart,
    They brought us the Craft, all manners of our arte.
    We honor them now, their star do we still seek.
    They come to Earth, their light shinning within.
    offering ourselves to their return, and our peak.
    The craft shall continue ever, kindled ever again.
    Thus was witchblood born and thus is witchblood made.

    Lucifer is a name that has been so maligned that even a witch who once had and thus has shed their Christian beliefs tends to avoid things there-labeled. For this post I don’t really want to touch upon modern Christian interpretations of Lucifer. I’ll just briefly say here that the name was not introduced into scripture until the Latin Vulgate, whereby it was used during translation, ignoring the fact that Lucifer was a Roman deity (if you choose not to assume malice here) not a term for any character who might be associated with Venus such as say, Helel, the original word used. Interestingly though, the mysteries of Venus as light bearer does make its way in there as there is a passage where Jesus refers to himself as the bright and morning star.

    There’s plenty of information out there on this take of Lucifer and very little in way of resource regarding the Hellenic Lucifer, whom I wish to address here. So who is this figure? It is clearly stated in many sources that he is Venus, the morning star and he brings light. Oh and his brother and other aspect is Hesperus, the Evening Star who brings darkness. Anyone who has googled Lucifer trying to figure out who he was pre-Christiandom knows this much.

    So let me paint a sign for you. There you are, looking out at the horizon. It is dawn, and you can see clearly the Sun rising and Venus. Now if Lucifer is a torch-bearer where is his torch in this scene? What light does it bear. Yep, the fire in his torch is the sun. Who does this sound like? Apollo of course, with his chariot driving Hyperion the Sun. This is the first point I hope to coney here which is very important when it comes to understanding Lucifer. He is, very much a merging of Apollo and Mercury as a god form. Now Apollo sometimes, when connected to magick and will, would be called Hekatos. This title also belonging to a Titan before him. While we aren’t usually given mention of Hekate having a consort, he was at least her working partner when it came to weaving magick. They together, move the Hekateris, the great dance. They even had children, five male and five female- the Dactyls whom correspond to the fingers of the right and left hand respectively. Then we have the decree “Hekas Hekas Este Bebeloi” meaning “far far be the profane” and you would say this to be in a place where you could see past the illusionary, to the fiery casual forge of all things. The forge is huge in Luciferian craft btw, and even when Venus was seen as not Lucifer, but a goddess she was married to Hephaestus, the smith-god. Hekatos, also was very much a blacksmith. I could go on about the metalworking mysteries and how that age of humanity had a lot to do with the emergence of witchcraft however that’s beyond the scope of this post. Likewise, there is information out there on Hekatos, the Hekateris and the Dactyls.

    Moving on, many of you are probably already influenced from Luciferian current and don’t even know it. You are if you are influenced in any way by Traditional Wicca which does have Luciferian roots. While Trad Wicca doesn’t always go too deep into Aradia’s parentage, rest assured that they are Lucifer and Diana Lucifera/Phosphorous. Now when we talk of Diana Lucifera, Diana the torchbearer what we are really getting at is the merging of Diana and Hekate.

    Aradia, their daughter, was sent to teach the craft, mainly to teach people how to smite their oppressors but also mainly to engender wisdom. She taught all manners of things, enlightening the people, just as Azazel and the watchers had done, and they being associated with witches and witchcraft as became part of it, through mutual values in the way that craft has often taken on the imagery of the dominant religious paradigm, for both safety and because of the allies they would find in slandered spirits of the same boat.

    Point being, is that there is an underlying theme here of wisdom, learning, crafting and enlightenment. That’s who Lucifer is, he is the Roman god of illumination, of enlightenment and true revelation of self.

    Luciferian witches in this sense tend to be very philosophical, inquisitive about the nature of their being, seeing true knowledge there with. This kind of philosophy clearly inspired Crowley as is evident when he talks about True Will and the HGA. I will tell you that I know many Luciferian witches that are also involved with Thelema and even the O.T.O because of the many tenets they both share.

    We also see this in Crowley’s fondness of Pan whom was and is considered an Earthly incarnation of Lucifer, with Lucifer being the celestial representation of Pan. And like Apollo, Lucifer is associated with music and harmony, just as Pan is. Apollo and Hermes also share a certain relationship and exchange in mythos.

    Hermes was very much a god of intellect, rationale, problem solving, wisdom and gnosis, especially when traced back to the Egyptian god Thoth, the god of wisdom, writing, geometry, math and alchemy. Also- just as Hekate was often worshiped at a tri-fold crossroads, so was Hermes, and Lucifer worshiped at a four-fold crossroads. Hence the phrase, “meeting the devil at the crossroads” which tends to be pretty universal actually for deities of the inward journey and of wisdom.

    So far, I hope certain things are starting to click as far as who this Lucifer figure is. Bringer of the witches fire, the green fire, the Nous and fith part of man, nesting within the four-part soul- knowledge of this which is based in Platonic philosophy really brings a whole new level to understanding the construction of the temple/circle. In traditional witchcraft there is the establishing of the channel, and the lighting of the presence or central altar candle which is calling down the fire from above, which is our connection to the gods. Hence, to be enlightened, and thus we have the very promethean aspect of Luciferian mythos.

    This is not unlike the Hearth-fire where one speaks to their gods.

    Lucifer as mentioned, also has a counter aspect in his bother Hesperus, being the side of concealment. So that this pair, called often the divine twins, represent both truth and mystery. Hesperus uses illusion to teach much like Coyote. Lucifer guides by lantern or torch-light.

    Luciferian craft is very liminal this way, and we do work with our shadow on the other side, the fetch-spouse or “inverse double” which I’ll talk about more in the questions portion along with a bit more about what the fire means in praxis.

    Regarding ethics, Luciferian craft sees good and bad as illusionary. What is harmful is what inhibits or otherwise gets in the way of another expressing their fire, or enlightened will. It is anything which seeks to keep them unenlightened about the nature of their self. There is a caution to this though, the “all in good time” of Hesperus the concealer. As it is also harmful to reveal what one does not have yet the psychological fortitude to endure. In short, while what is considered harmful is the oppression of how nature made them, we aren’t in the habit of breaking people by revealing things about themselves they aren’t prepared to confront.

    Beyond this, there really is no taboo when it comes to workings which may be considered malicious, especially if one is preventing you from feeding all your bodies - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. At the same time, Luciferians try not to take on the burden of being part of someones causation in an unhealthy way. Getting involved is getting involved. There is the axsom of “bind another, bind yourself” because you are tied to the sustaining of that state. So a Luciferian will often leave people who wish them ill, to deal with themselves. We’ll use their own process against them in that regard. They will be too busy figuring themselves out that they wont have time to bother us, and when they do, they’ll be too wise to do so… hopefully.

    Q: Are there any practices unique to - or iconic of - Luciferian Witchcraft?

    I can only think of one practice that tends to be exclusively Luciferian, which I will cover in a moment, though this practice has is nowhwere near as common as it once was. Other than this, there is no practice that is exclusively
    Luciferian, though certain practices are very Luciferian in nature and widely practiced.

    The first of these is fire scrying, of the fire in the soul of mankind. Luciferian mythos is very Promethean in that the fire of the gods coming unto man is central to its core. The bearer of this fire is a god, hence man is seen as god, veiled in another form. Not all Luciferians are theistic however, and so this comes with varied interpretations. In Luciferianism at large this fire is often called the Black Flame, the fire within the land of shades. Among Luciferian Witches it is also known as the cunning, or green fire. In the most primal of ways, and simplest of terms that fire is life, our god. Out of this fire come many forms and personifications.

    As it is a philosophy of illumination and enlightenment, many practitioners take up practices such as meditation and Yoga. The serpent fire, known in the East as the Kundalini, is also often part of the praxis of a Luciferian Witch.

    Copper, for its connection to Venus and for its alchemical associations, is often worn and Alchemy itself, especially those processes dealing with transmutation by fire,
    are often highly revered. However alchemy is a complex and rare art, not as widely practiced today. Also of note here, we work allot with the self-transformative processes
    Nigredo, Albedo, Rubedo and Caeredo.

    Inward journeys, especially through the underworld are also common. Shedding light upon the darker aspects of self is considered critical. The torch is a primary symbol
    of Luciferian thought which talks much about both illumation and concealment via darkness. It is common for Luciferian Witches to uses torches, lighting the way to and for ritual.

    We work with what is known as the Fetch-Spouse or ‘Other’, the inverse you on the other side, having much to do with what Jung called the Anima in man and the Anima in woman.
    This liminality is very crucial to and very much the flavor of our crafting. We work both dark and light.

    Dawn and Dusk are good times indeed for a Luciferian witch to craft, and we we try to be aware of all such liminal spaces or “inbetweens”. Dawn and Dusk are also significant
    to the Morning and Evening Stars.

    One goal of the Luciferian adept is to become dual, and balanced in gender. This is more so of Traditional Luciferian Witchcraft than Luciferian movements at large. We see this in the conception of Baphomet which is very much a Pan-Lucifer image. So that, a male practitioner embraces the feminine to become equilibriated while a female does likewise embrace the masculine.

    Generally, we tend to see that truth “lies betwixt the horns” and try then not to be too polarized towards any one position. Generally we have a live and let live philosophy meaning that as long as you do not inhibit our unfolding expression and will we’ll probably be on good terms with you. We seek to find that form which is most harmonious with our inner fire, that our life honors and best fulfills that true will. There is a strong ethos of being personally accountable and honorable, however everyone must find their own ethos.

    Luciferian witches often make reference to the lame step, or being lamed. This may be an awkward walk figuratively or literally. It may be depicted as missing an eye or having an eye of a different color. It may be a difference in fabric for one arm of your robe- and we generally do work robed.
    It represents both the walking in both worlds and often the cost of that inclination dealt at birth.

    While what I’m about to tell you is not necessarily the norm, the symbolism of it is. I know a fam-trad where the High Priest/Magister a few generations (as in leadership of the lineage, not of a lifetime) gave his left pinky toe to be initiated into Luciferian Strega. This is lame step symbolism.

    One doesn’t need to come from a family tradition to be a Luciferian Witch but many are, said to go back to Tubalo Qayn, and thus Luciferian Covens tend to be small, very dedicated groups where initiation is often seen as coming into the family, where blood oaths may be required. It should be noted however that sometimes different lines will come together for celebration or work. If one shows competence, and an understanding of traditional craft they may be asked to work with the group without being initiated into
    the family.

    We work very much with crossroads and inbetweens, as mentioned. Inter-sectional spaces and development is considered very sacred. In fact, in some sources it is said that Lucifer was birthed by the four winds. This is because the four directions come together in the center making a place for the fire to come through. Often, by this fire you will see a tool called the Stang, which is a forked stave or a stave with a goat skull thereon. It is vessel and embodiment of the Witch-father, Lucifer-Azazel, the egregore and guardian of the circle or compass.

    Thunder is also a big symbol, representing manifestation out of the fire, it’s journey to Earth and the channel of the gods. So you many see that symbolism as well, along with the watchtowers or abodes of the watchers- and thus finally I will tell you about the practice I mentioned at the beginning of the question, the unique one. In the furthering of the craft, Luciferian Witches used to be bonded with a watcher as working partner. These often being wrongly called “fallen angels”. This is seen as inaccurate because ‘fallen’ is an opinion of certain clergy of a certain religious movement that doesn’t care for them and “angel” is misleading as these entities aren’t like the angelic choirs of the seven heavens. They are in the supernal, outside of time and space, existing between measures of paradigm. We meet them in the spaces between and when we experience subject and object as one such as in Samadhi. They can be considered gatekeepers, defining what is revealed to form a space, and what is left in the void.

    They become, very much like the HGA of Thelemic thought when bonded, as you align to them, they also align to that aspect
    of you which is like them, that which is sometimes expressed in angelic form as the HGA.

    note: Working with draconic imagery is really big for us as alchemicaly it is considered a “perfect form” in that it is the union of the four elements and all dualities into one form. The closest form of depicting both the myriad and the one. The expression and the fire. Again, the goal of Luciferian witchcraft is “know thyself” leading to self-transformation though alchemy, magick and communion. The result being Apotheosis, or experience of self as godhead, with what one takes away from that being deeply personal.

    Thus the Axiom: There is no god but man, and no man but god.

    The imagery of the Dragon or winged serpent is also a symbol of witchblood. It is sometimes called the Dryghten, which is both that first fire and enlightenment as well as a word whose root was often used to denote royal blood-line. Consider King Arthur, Arthur PenDragon- in the name and word of the Dragon, and the flag whereof this Dragon is red. That Artur was a wizards apprentice, and that as he was ill so was the land ill. This is Hieros Gamos symbolism of the marriage between lord and kingdom, and also it was through the Grail that and the land reacquainted, each regaining balance. Remember, his symbol was the sword.
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    (Cherokee medicine practitioner of left and right hand paths) - The Anikutani Tradition

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    Tsalagi Nvwoti Didahnvwesgi Ale Didahnesesgi
    (Cherokee medicine practitioner of left and right hand paths) - The Anikutani Tradition