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    Make me dazel like azazel,
    When I invoke Shemyaza
    I wake up the soul like a cup of java,
    with the quill of Penemue, a worldview I drew.
    As Ezeekiel parted clouds it was revealed unto you.
    Thus was the story, Amers taught the sorcery,
    with elocution, he brought resolutions for those seeking solutions.
    after they had caught all the newts,
    Amazarak taught them how to gather roots.
    With the resolving of enchantments.
    Gadreel brought weapons and enhancements.
    Yet none could smite like Kasdeja,
    whom with the skill of ninja wielded the Ajna.
    From it like lightning, Ananael brought many a sighting.
    Thus was the path of Azazel laid,
    From which this whole scheme was played.
    he brought equality and equity upon the Earth.
    bringing the fire that lights the hearth.
    And in those days the sons of the fire,
    came unto the daughters of men in desire,
    Yahweh sent the flood, though couldn’t remove the blood.
    And so on since then, tales are told.
    By those who still meet, at the crossroad.
    Sariel still teaches, working by lunar phase.
    Writing for the almanac, is how he spends his days.
    Shamshiel teaches the signs of the sun.
    By his marks, like clockwork the day is run.
    And as the world turns, and forth come the seasons,
    Arachiel talks of omens, while giving the reasons.
    As for heaven above, and the stars
    in their places.
    Barachiel shows what wanders,
    While Kokabel, the constellations he traces,
    and under the voluptuous night sky
    Turiel reveals secrets and treasures, as you scry.
    Most of all, he shows how to live the good life,
    and Akzibeel, shows the hearts desire, the fetch-wife.
    With her, Ramuel guides you to the land of Nod.
    There, to the two of you does Tamiel show,
    the ways of many a shade, many a beast and how they sow.
    In these things refer to Danel, lawyer of the law which is for all,
    At the appointed time, and place where the self is found within,
    its relation to the trial, to other, coming into ones craft, to begin.
    If they should ask about this, never say word.
    for these can not recite the barbarous sound,
    which from Urakabarameel, is heard.
    Therefore of all they tell you, keep it bound.

    0 - Azazel: Taught the mining and working of ores and the crafting of metals, precious stones and antimony. Taught the art of cosmetics, the beautifying of eyelids, as well as the art of dyes, and the uses of colors and optics.Taught of the transmutation of forms, and the bringing out of the essence residing within the outer form. Helps align ones self-image to their inner fire. Azazel first brought the craft to Earth, and prepared humanity for communion with the other watchers. Thus, is Azazel their gatekeeper.

    I. Shemyaza: Taught of the inner will-fire, of anointing, of causation, enchantments and of conjure. Taught also of brews, of roots and all things brought unto the fire.

    II. Amazarak: Taught sorcery and the “dividers of roots”. Amazarak teaches all manners of conjure, wortcunning, of treading the mill and raising of [personal] power. Many Witches, still call on Amazarak, reciting the Eko Eko Chant.

    III. Ananael: Teaches the conjuring of thunderstorms, communication with the watchers by thunder and also, divination thereby. Ananael gives sudden visions, revelations and insights, bringing one into the concourse of the forces of their higher genius and will. Teaches also, the art of manifesting ones will. Ananael is the lightning that strikes, awakens and initiates the wise practitioners of the medicine.

    IV. Sariel: Taught the motion and the course of the Moon. Of planting thereby, the mansions thereof and the affects it has on all things subject unto its tides.

    V. Gadreel: Taught the art of warfare and the crafting of weapons. Taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates. Taught men the ways of honor, and the honorable life.

    VI. Shamshiel: Taught the signs of Sol, the concourse of forces during its round, of the high and low points of the year as well as the inbetweens therein and mysteries of the emerging and receding vitality of the land, with its relation to the dark night of the soul.

    VII. Ezekeel: Taught the knowledge of the clouds, of divining from them and of bringing rain. Ezekeel revealeth the nature and ways of the heavens, bringing many a vision thereof. Also, teaches of obscurity. The name is said to indicate the importance of the book of the Tanakh that shares the designation.

    VIII. Barchiel: “Taught the observers of the Stars”; a teacher of astrology and planetary magick.

    IX. Kasdeja: Taught the smiting of spirits and of daemons. Taught the smiting of the embryo in the womb that it might pass away.
    Taught of animal instinct and all primal acts of the flesh.

    XI. Armeros: Taught the resolving of enchantments, of bindings and resolutions, of involvement of processes and the distillation of forces. Taught solutions to alchemical and ceremonial formula, and especially of sorcery- the work of higher correspondences and forces upon lower ones.

    XII. Akzibeel/Asibeel: Taught the making of signs (sigils), communion with the subconscious, sex-magick and how to work with the fetch-spouse. Also, of the drive towards apotheosis.

    XIII. Ramuel: Taught dreamwork, especially regarding lucid dreaming as well as inward journeys of the depths and astral projection. Often takes the form of an Ox or Ram.

    XIV. Kokabel: Taught of the constellations, that is of the stellar magick of the fixed stars. The first sigil, of the mask, is to commune on matters of hidden intelligences, of those constellational patterns of the sphere of Binah.
    The second sigil, is of the mysteries of divine providence as the one star in sight.

    XV. Turiel: Taught the ways of discovering secret things, of finding things lost or hidden, from buried treasure to forgotten and repressed memories to undiscovered aspects of the self. Teaches the good life through the crossing of these, as in “to come across” or “happen upon” by the pathworking known as fortune.

    XVI. Urakabarameel: Taught the use of barbarous names and words of power, of chants and primal sounds, of intonation, the use of drums, rattles and ecstatic dance.

    XVII. Penemue: Taught the art of ink and parchment, of communication and language. Of discourse, teacher of “The Bitter and the Sweet”. Bringer of wit and watcher of Bards.

    XVIII. Tamiel: Taught the ways of all manners of beast, corporeal and non-corporeal. Of familiar spirits and the medicine of animals. Tamiel also taught astronomy, particular of its affects on livestock, plants and waters.

    XIX. Danel: Taught right-relationship, knowledge of the inter-dependent web and the proper way to address of things. Guides one in finding where they belong, in relation among all myriad things. Taught the art of community as well as the rights of the individual.

    XX. Arachiel: Taught the signs of the Earth, of seasons, of omens of weather as told by the land, and of geomancy.
    Tsalagi Nvwoti Didahnvwesgi Ale Didahnesesgi
    (Cherokee medicine practitioner of left and right hand paths) - The Anikutani Tradition